hinoki tub for the West Coast

Japanese bathing

Hinoki wood tub AB grade (quarter sawn) w/ removable bench.
sizes are: L1550mm x W940mm x H735mm (ext. dim.) 640mm (deep)
this tub is built with extra thick wall planks= t50mm (bottom plank= t42mm)
This allows for a clean L corner detail while assuring solidity and waterproofing.

Tub cover with handles is split in 3 sections for easy maneuvering.

The drain fitting will be installed on field by the client to match the exixting location.

wood tub


asnaro tub for Australia

Japanese tub

A compact but well proportioned Asnaro wood tub, quater sawn.
Sizes are as follows: L1100mm x W700mm x H700mm (ext. dim.) 620mm (deep)
The apron is finished with natural oil and the joints are realized with wood dowels for a simple, natural look.
The tub is also equipped with a cover conveniently split in two halves.

soaking tub

tub construction details: sealant

I’ve been really interested in your wooden soaker tubs. I do
have questions about the tub that would help to re ensure the tub wont
leak. If all is answered, I would love to get one!!
1. what kind of joints are used for the wall panels and kind of glue. it
looks like there are many panels glued up to make the height of the walls..
2. what kind of joint is used to connect the floor with walls….
If you can anwser these question with any drawings would be great…

Thank you for your interest in our japanese soaking tubs.
Please find enclosed some pictures of our standard details. Click on the thumbnails for an enlarged view.

planks-1.jpg planks2.jpg

we laminate the wood using wood dowels and epoxy resin (+
curing agent). There are no metal parts.
Adjoining planks are cut together so the cutting angle matches perfectly.

planks3.jpg planks4.jpg

the corner joint is realized with tongue and groove + epoxy resin.
long stainless screws are used to provide extra sturdiness.

IMGP2103.jpg IMGP2430.jpg

Honestly, our tubs do not leak. If you use it regularly (everyday or every other day) your tub will work perfectly without any maintenance.
The only thing you should pay attention to is the fact that wood tubs are vulnerable to dryness. If you leave the tub unused for long periods it may crack. It is difficult to determine exactly at which point critical conditions are reached. It depends on air temperature/humidity, ventilation, heating equipment etc.
In any case, when you leave the tub unused for a week or more (let`s say 4 days or more as a doublesafe), leave 10cm of water inside and you won`t have any problem.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any question.

Knotty hinoki tub for Venice-CA

Japanese soaking

Knotty Hinoki bathtub.
The sizes are: L1320mm x W685mm x H660mm (ext. dim.) 546mm (deep)
The tub has a very simple, elegant shape with slanted short sides.
We hope that the tub will match the client`s expectations and will provide a sensorial background for his unforgettable memories of japanese hot springs…!

Japanese bath

hair in the tub

We do enjoy our hinoki tub, although we have had some minor cracking with some black growth on the outside of one of the corner joints. We’ve also found that hair and skin cells seem to stay floating on the surface even though we always shower before entering.

I am sorry you are having some problems with the tub.
About the dust staying afloat, I do not think it is a problem of the wooden tub, although chances are that when you drain the tub, small particles attach to the wood more easily than it would be in the case of an enamel or acrylic tub.

I think you can get rid of these light particles in 2 ways:
1) letting the tub overflow from the top
2) using a thin net to skim the surface of water

About the mold and cracks, please send some pictures, I`d be glad to advice.

sealant for tub

I am enjoying my tub, which is installed on a deck outside my house. I was wondering if it is OK to put some sort of sealant on my tub, like the kind of sealant one would apply to teak wood, for example. Or, should I just leave it as-is and cover it up to make sure it doesn’t age too much because of the sun, etc.

I am glad you found a good solution for the tub.
If you apply a coat on the wood note the following:
– The tub will loose its natural “soft” touch
– The tub will loose its aroma and its skin-soothing properties
– You would have to seal it inside and outside (including bottomside) to prevent unbalanced behaviour
– Due to the oils contained in the wood, the coat may not stick uniformly and may detach. Consult also with the maker of the coating product.

Generally we recommend to use it untreated or apply a natural oil to hydratate the surface of the wood.

Additionally there are also some non chemical clear wood treatments which last one year and provide extra protection against mold.

Please let me know if you need some product.
If you have a specific problem, please send pictures of the tub and the installation conditions.

Thank you. If I do not treat it, will it deteriorate more quickly than if I treat it? I like the way it is but am worried about it deteriorating. I am having a cover made for it to keep it out of the weather. However, it got quit a bit of sun last year and cracked in some places. It does not leak, and the cracks are probably natural and not a problem. I like the way it looks now that it has aged for one year. I just wanted to make sure that I’m not supposed to be treating it with something. If there is a natural oil that I should apply, please let me know.

It is not necessary to treat the tub and usually japanese people do not apply anything.
In case you want to restore the original shine you can apply our hiba oil with a cloth, like you would do waxing a pair of leather shoes.

for purchase please refer to:
and for more specific information to:

Please keep the tub protected from direct sunlight and if you cannot, leave the tub full of water to prevent dehydratation and cracks.

installation in niche tip

I am measuring the niche where I will be placing the hinoki tub. How precise should the dimensions be?

We build with a tolerance of +/-1mm, anyway be aware that wood is a natural material and tends to shrink and expand with the change of seasons.

If you place it against a wall, be sure to leave a 10mm clearance all around to ensure air circulation (see details page).

Leaking tub

Hello Bartok Design,
I am a specialty contractor in Seattle Washington and a Japanese friend of mine who has a Hinoki Ofuro says that it leaks. I took a look at the tub and all the boards look in good condition, but my friend says that the water leaks between the boards at the seams.
Your website mentions in the question and answer section that cracks can be fixed, but it changes the asthetics of the tub.
Does the tub need to be taken apart and resealed or is there a way to stop seam leaks with some other product? Any information that you could give to help save this wonderful tub would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks you for your mail.
Hinoki tubs do not leak unless there is a crack in the wood.
Cracks are caused by dryness. They can be repaired with a sealant:
1) simply clear silicon: it allows movements of wood and it becomes invisible as the crack closes again after normal humidity level has been restored.

2) epoxy putty: it is water resistant and with color similar to wood. But as it is hard, wood balance becomes altered.

Another cause of leaks is poor joint construction. There is not much you can do about it apart for caulking all the inner corners (floor and walls.)Use mildew-proof clear silicon.

It is very difficult to disassemble the tub and most surely you will have to replace some parts. It might be worth the work if you create double tongue/groove rims at every joint but again, the main problem is whether it can be taken apart without damage or not.

hinoki tub ! SEPTEMBER SALE !

Dear friend,
Did you contact us some time ago with reference to a quotation for a japanese tub?
Is your project still on track?
Or did you just knew about us and wish to have a quote?
We are at your disposability for any question/problem.
Also, note that if you confirm your order in september, we will be able to apply a 7% discount on the quote for what concerns hinoki products! (no discount on the transportation cost.)
There will be an extra 3% discount (10% total!) for the first 3 tubs ordered in september.
Updated 090909: sorry, the extra discount has been allocated…
This offer starts today aug/25 and expires sept/30/2009 at 18:00 JST.
Please note:
* This offer cannot be cumulated with other discounts.
* This offer is valid only for bank transfer payments (no credit cards or paypal)
* This is Bartok design`s first promotional sale.
* We do not have plans to make it a regular feature and in case it will be repeated it will not be before august 2010.
* These conditions include a governamental 5% tax facilitation.

Contact us for further details!

response to question

Dear Mr. Torrini,
I can not thank you enough for taking the time to respond to my e-mail. I will use the information that you have provided to repair my friends tub. If I am unsuccessful, I will be coming to Bartok Design for a new tub. I will let you know how my endeavors turn out.
You have been very helpful, and YES, I would be pleased if you placed my question and your answer on your website. I have spent many hours looking over your site and I’m sure that I will spend many more. It reminds me of the time I spent in Kyoto working with carpenters building tea rooms (chashitsu).
Thanks again for your help and professionalism.

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