perfect timing to buy an ofuro


In case you did not notice it, the dollar and euro are gaining value over the yen.
Today, one dollar buys you almost 91 yen, it was 78 yen/dollar six months ago.
In few words, if you purchase a japanese bathtub now you can save about 20% compared to the price you would have payed in summer 2012.
Is the yen weakness going to last? We do not know, anyway the boost of exports and the planned increase of the sales tax (from 5% to 8% in 2014 and 10% in 2015) create the premises for demand increase which can boost the economy and generate a flow of capitals towards the japanese stock market.

Is the yen going back to 78 yen per dollar? Again nobody can say it, but it is likely that it is going to stabilize to a medial value for the months to come.
If you are planning to buy an ofuro, this may be the chance you were waiting for…!

tomato salad

Do you know the ingredients for a good tomato salad?
Of course tomatoes. Then dressing?
Or layer with mozzarella cheese and top with oil and oregano?
You can also enjoy tomatoes with onion and tuna, or garlic and feta cheese.
But we have our own favorite recipe: cut tomatoes.

Did you know that italians call tomatoes “pomodoro”, literally golden pommel.
It is often used as a symbol of the energy of the sun, which makes it grow, shining and red.
We invite you to try to enjoy these simple, sincere tomatoes “nature”: with an oriental touch.

How does it work?

  1. Find some medium size cherry tomato, not too ripe and not too green.
  2. Then cut them on a hinoki wood cutting board.
  3. Let it on the board for few minutes, so the tomato can absorb the delicate forest scent of the hinoki wood
  4. Add few granes of marine salt


twin tubs for NY

As in the title, we were requested to produce two tubs with accessories.


Asnaro wood tub AB grade
Dimensions are: L1300mm x W750mm x H640 mm (ext. dim.) 560mm (deep)
The tubs are equipped with a stool a bucket in coordinated asnaro wood.


Inside this tub all you can touch is warm wood and soothing water…!

tubs and accessories for a singapore spa

UPDATE: by popular demand, here is the information to reach the spa in Singapore where our tubs are located and give it a try!

IKEDA SPA – website:
The big hinoki + small hinoki are at Clarke Quay outlet
The small hinoki is at Bukit Timah outlet
You can also contact IKEDA SPA and ask for their Onsen Hinoki Bath

This time we received the order from a commercial spa.
Apparently, the client was following us and our activity on the homepage for few years and since their are opening a new branch, contacted us for the supply of 3 mid size tubs (suitable for 2 people) and one large tub for 6 people.

We supplied different quotations and updated the proposal according to the design and layout changes that were coordinated between the client and his architect. As the date of the installation was nearing, we did not have the approved drawings…
Of course, important decisions should not be rushed. On the other end from our side, while waiting for a 100% satisfactory layout, we started to assort the material for the job.
We obtained the OK and since we worked also during the holiday period, we managed to ship about 10 days before schedule after all..!

After a long day of work in this cold season, washing away the sweat and fatigue in a steamy soaking tub is one of the best pleasures on earth!

2 person Hinoki wood AB grade tub (3 pieces)
Dimensions are: L1400mm x W1200mm x H558mm (ext. dim.) 471mm (deep)

6 person Hinoki wood AB grade tub (1 piece)
Dimensions are: L2400mm x W1700mm x H570mm (ext. dim.) 483mm (deep)

4 spouts in AB grade hinoki and
Wainscoting in knotty hinoki planks (L2000 x W105 x t12mm)

happy new year!

From the land of the rising sun, we could see the beginning of 2013 before most of the other countries. And, despite the uncertainty of this period, we had the clear impression that it will be a DELICIOUS new year!


We would like to participate our warmest wishes to all our japan loving friends all over the world!

barrel type ofuro for England

This tub was shipped to England, it is expected to arrive on december 24th.
I hope it will make a nice Christmas present!


Asnaro wood tub AB grade – barrel type
Dimensions are: L1200mm x W630mm
The tub is equipped with lid, spout and bathroom accessories


Custom shape spout:


Tub from the back side:


And here is the pristine interior of the tub. Of course there is no paint or coating. The shine is the product of the perfect work of the hand plane only!


happy-end in switzerland

About 3 years ago, we received an information request from a swiss gentleman.
He was designing his home and supplied us beautiful drawings and renderings of a japanese style bathroom.
Than, last year we received the request for a quotation of an alternative shape.
Finally, this summer we provided a quotation for this barrel type ofuro … and it was love at first sight! A kadomaru tub offers the original japanese bath experience with an excellent cost-performance balance.


Kadomaru type, sawara wood tub AB grade (knotless)

Dimensions are: L930mm x W630mm x H740 mm (ext. dim.) 640mm (deep)
The tub is equipped with cover in 2 halves
The tub is compact and light, so we could use a reinforced cardboard to package it to reduce the boxing cost and shipping weight.
I am sure the ofuro found a loving host family and that the story had a happy-end!

outlet tub for close friends (sold out!)

sorry, sold out!

This outlet tub is quite large and is suitable for a couple (or close friends…)

We could contain the cost by using B-grade hinoki. It has some small
knots and this allowed us to use the full planks width.
Anyway the material is Kiso Valley hinoki, quarter sawn and the tub has a beefy top frame
If you are looking for the best cost-performance, this is a chance you cannot miss!

Here are the details:
size: L1500mm x W800mm x H650mm (external
dimensions) 552mm(depth)
quality: kiso valley hinoki wood.

  1. ABB grade tub (masame cut) : 530,000. JPY
  2. Packaging: 1700x1000x850 plywood box: 45,000. JPY
  3. Pick up and delivery to Tokyo port or Narita air port: 10,000 JPY

For the payment, we accept Credit cards thru PAYPAL or contact us for wire transfer the information to our bank account in Japan.
Click here: (outlet120810.pdf) to download it in acrobat format.

bathtub in Carolina climate

we live in the states, in North Carolina, and we have weather similar to Japan, i.e. hot and humid in the summer, and cold and dry in winter. What effect does that have on the wood?

Well a climate similar to japan you will need to:
1) in summer: provide a good natural ventilation. Once you empty the tub, wipe it with a dry cloth and leave the windows open.
A wet climate may cause mold stains. On the other hand, this problem is minimized because we use a water repellent. See the documentation on our HP:

2) in winter: avoid using heating equipment in the bathroom when the tub is empty. Use the tub often (at least 2 times a week) and if you leave for an extended period, leave a bucket of water inside the tub and cover it to increase the air relative humidity. Keep an hygrometer near the tub and assure that humidity does not drop below 50%.
If the climate is too dry, there is the risk of the wood drying and eventually cracking.

eco-scrooge outlet tub(sold out!)

sorry, sold out!

Are you into energy saving, recycling, waste reduction?
Would you choose an organic vegetable soup over an overstuffed hamburger?
Do you enjoy a hike on the Rokies more than window shopping on 5th Avenue?

Than, this tub is for you!

The front planks have a nice gradation and are joined in such a way to enhance this quality, like a rainbow.
All the material is beautiful asnaro wood and comes from the same lot, which was partially used for another project. But how could we make it so cheap?
We could considerably reduce the cost by using some AB grade material.
Note from the pictures below that there are 2 flush knots in the top frame border we used.

Of course this does not affect the quality of the wood, actually the eco-scrooge who lives inside you will enjoy the skillful inlays as the mole on Marilyn`s beautiful cheek!

I cannot really explain in writing how silky is this tub`s inside. If you have a chance to visit Japan, consider dropping by at our warehouse in Yotsukaido (near Narita airport).
This tub is worth a trip!

Here are the details:
size: L1300mm x W800mm x H630mm (external
dimensions) 640mm(depth)
quality: asnaro wood.

1) AB grade tub (masame cut) : 390,000. JPY
2) Packaging: 1500x1000x830 plywood box: 39,000. JPY
3) Pick up and delivery to Tokyo port or Narita air port: 10,000 JPY

For the payment, we accept Credit cards thru PAYPAL or contact us for wire transfer information to our bank account in Japan.

Click here: (ofuro drawing) to download it in acrobat format.

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