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wabisabi culture Wabisabi Culture – Cultural association and ryokan (japanese style bed&breakfast). Acknowledged by the tea ceremony school Ura-senke – Roma branch. Ideal for meditation, relaxation and self improvement.

japanese mural
Tile murals designed in Japan, made in Italy
– Ceramic tile murals with colorful glass enamel, designed by Japanese artist, Junko Torrini and handmade in Tuscany, Italy.

(language=french) is a site completely dedicated to living japanese style: tea ceremony, Zen, ceramic art, interior and furniture, japanese gardens and of course bathing! The site is a collection of well documented original columns completed
with links and selected books in case you too become japan-addicted…

www.japononline.com (language=french). This site is a lively community with tons of information about Japan. Look here for articles on Japan, chat & forums, goodies….

Japanese online
: look here for japanese lessons, kanji drills, meeting friends and a online japanese goods store!

Japanese ceramic dinnerware – washokki.net
– Japanese ceramic tableware – plates, bowls, cups, yakimono – for you and for your gift

Daruma doll – Japanese traditional good luck charm
– Daruma doll (dharma doll), Japanese traditional good luck charm