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How to order

Information package

1)Production and shipping time:
All our tubs are made in Japan by a skilled 4th generation craftsman. The standard production queue is about 15days . For the shipping and delivery consider + 30 days (ocean freight) or + 10 days (airfreight) for most world locations.

2) Payment contitions:
Invoices and payments will be Japanese Yen. This is to avoid overcharges to our clients due to currency exchange fluctuation risk. A prepayment of 50% of the custom items will be needed before starting production. Once the products are ready, we will send pictures for verification/approval and will require the payment of the reminder before proceeding with shipment. A Bank wire transfer is the most common option. Credit cards are accepted (thru Paypal). Checks are not available. For larger orders a Letter of Credit can be taken into consideration.

3) Shipping cost:
we will need the exact shipping address to be able to obtain the quote from our forwarder (Naigai Forwarding Co.)
We use DDU (Delivered, Duties Unpaid) conditions unless the client requires a different arrangement. Cost varies greatly according to size, country, delivery location. You are welcome to use your local forwarder for the shipment.

4)Installation recommendation:
In case of humid climates, we recommend to leave enough room under the tub to allow air circulation (about 10cm).
For dry climates, avoid direct sunlight exposure and abrupt temperature changes – especially when the tub is empty.

5)Maintenance recommendation:
Please refer also to the FAQ on our homepage and the “Japanese ofuro maintenance tips” notes.
Provide a satisfactory ventilation for the bathroom (natural air circulation with cross ventilation is the best), anyway avoid use of air conditioning in the bathroom, especially when it is empty and not in use. A A/C can dry up the natural humidity of the wood in a matter of few days…!
As soap, detergents and dirt are responsible for the insurgence of mold and fungi, we recommend not to use soap inside the tub, and to wipe it after use with a soft sponge or towel.
Unless otherwise specified, we apply one layer of “Kihada Ichiban” which is an hydrorepellent treatment, based on the nanotechnology. It does not create a coat, it actually penetrates inside offering lasting protection whithout occluding the pores of wood.

6) Installation: the tub should sit on 4 concrete blocks or bricks placed at the perimeter (corners) of the tub. Supports are not needed in the center. This detail allows for air circulation under the tub while preserving the wood from prolonged direct exposure to water.

7) Recommended sanitary fixtures:
Water fixtures can be installed on the wall (directing the water into the tub), on the floor (long hook type), on the tub ledge or thru a spout. In the first two cases, you do not need any interaction with the tubs and can choose the taps freely (Philip Stark design taps for instance are a common choice). In the 3rd case (on tub ledge) the issue
is similar to the first two as you can open a hole where needed in top ledge as it is all solid wood. In case you consider using of a wooden spout, please let me know and I will explain you the options.

8) Certifications:
We can provide declarations stating the origin and quality of the wood.
If you need an official “certificate of origin” from the japanese chamber of commerce or a “phytosanitary certificate” from third party laboratory it may be available at a cost.

Production Schedule

We often receive an inquiry about the time required to produce and deliver a tub.

Of course I will be glad to answer your request in detail case by case but here some general guidelines for your reference.

All bathtubs:

Production time (from date of confirmed order)

1) if smaller than M-7) 1500 x 750 : 3 weeks + delivery time

2) is larger than M-7): 6 weeks + delivery time

3) round tubs, kadomaru tubs: 2 weeks + delivery time

4) outlet tubs (ready-to ship): 1 week + delivery time

+Delivery time:

Add 1 week for air freight

or 2-5 weeks for ocean freight


note: for general reference, our common customs sizes are listed in this page:

Please contact Iacopo by email for more details about the current production schedule or any other question/problem.

Can I contact your past clients to have their opinion?

I am afraid it is not possible.
As most of our clients are private users, it is our policy not to use them as a reference.
Arranging a meeting between an old customer and a perspective client may be time consuming, may be invasive of the privacy and we just have not the structure to be able to take responsibility for any trouble or miscommunication.
As we cannot be on site to manage the situation, we cannot refer past clients and we make no exception to this policy.
Thank you for your understanding.

order summary

Thank-you for your interest in our hinoki products!
As a general reference, please note the following:

  • All our tubs are custom built as per our client`s order. We can produce any shape, any size.
  • If you let us know your requirements/shape/size we can prepare a quote.
  • All our tubs are produced in Japan and the lead time is 60 days from confirmed order to delivery on site.
  • We do not have agents or distributors in your country. You will have to contact us in Japan.
  • You are welcome to visit us at our warehouse in Tokyo to see sample tubs and the hinoki wood.
  • We will not be able to install the tub on site nor recommend anybody near you.
  • The installation is very straightforward as the tub already comes assembled in one piece.
  • We use only the metric system. All dimensions must be specified in millimeters. (note: 1″=25.4mm)
  • We cannot supply any jet/recirculation system. Please see also the FAQ’s for reference.
  • As an example, we can offer the size 1515x915xH725mm (one of the most popular for the US) for 6600-US$
  • There is some cost reduction for width under 800mm (straight border, see the details page)
  • Shipping cost is around 1500 US$ door to door for the US. We can make a precise estimate together with the quote for the tub.
  • All expenses are prepaid, but in some cases it is easier to have you fill the customs import declaration which costs around 250US$.
  • If you want we can use your forwarder, you can arrange to pick up the tub at our ware house in Tokyo.
  • Cost of wooden crate is about 400 US$.

★You may also want to take a look at the documentation on our download page:
especially the first item on the list (custom bathtubs order guide (pdf))

Our service include custom CAD drawings and assistance. We are looking forward to collaborate with you and welcome any question you may have.

order process

This is the typical process from order to delivery:

  • Please take a look carefully at the ordering summary and ordering checklist
  • Fill in the information request form
  • After our answer by email, feel free to ask everything that concerns you by email or telephone. You can contact us in english, japanese or italian.
  • You can telephone us, anyway e-mail may be more convenient because of time difference and not native pronunciation.
  • We will send you a quotation in pdf format. We use Japanese Yen to eliminate the risk of currency valuation which normally is built in the prices. (UPDATED 2008.9.1)
  • After your positive response, we will prepare drawings and send to you in pdf format. Please review carefully, expecially sizes.
  • When all matters (cost, drawings) are defined, you are ready to order.
  • We will require at least 50% advance payment on custom items (accessories, transport are payed 100% together with the balance) to confirm the order and start manufacture.
  • All payments should be done through wire transfer to our bank accounts in Japan (Minato Bank Corporation or Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi-UFJ.) and all bank charges (30~50 US$) should be settled by the payer.
  • Manufacture takes between 10~30 days, according to workload and complexity of the item.
  • Once completed, we will send photographs for your review and approval and will require payment of the balance before shipping.
  • After receiving the balance, we will ship the tub as agreed (air or sea)and will promptly forward you the shipping documents.
  • You will be contacted by the agent of our forwarder and the tub will be delivered on site.
  • Please open the box and check for any damage: any claim should be made within 5 days (insurance coverage conditions)
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT that you put back the protective plastic wrap until ready to install.
  • Have your carpenter install the tub and fill it up to the edge. Enjoy the bath. Leave it full for few hours the first time to allow wood to reach the ideal humidity level.

order checklist

As each bathtub is custom made sizes, materials, details are different. For this
reason, you will need to contact us for a detailed quotation.
Please go thru this checklist before placing an information request.

  • did you read the ordering summary and order process pages?
  • can you wait 40~60 days?
  • it takes us several hours to draw and quote your bathtub. Are you seriously motivated?
  • are you ready to equip the bathroom with an hygrometer to check periodically the relative humidity of air?
  • if possible fax us a plan of your bath area so we can advise.
  • please let us know desired shape, sizes (external) in millimeters.
  • Do you want to use Knotty hinoki? Straight hinoki? Asnaro wood?
    please refer to the details page for the questions below:

  • do you want a solid looking top frame (more expensive) or a minimalist box-like shape?
  • do you want the bottom base to be with copper plate or oil treated?
  • do you want the joints to be with round plugs or square copper plates?
  • do you want a straight back or slanted back?
  • do you want a built in bench? spout? tub cover? accessories?
  • note that we can sell accessories (stool, bucket, duckboard) independently from the the purchase of a tub. (UPDATED 2009/5)
  • do you want us to install the drain fitting or just supply it and have you drill it in site?
  • unless differently specified, we will iron brand the Bartok design Japanlogo on the top right side.

information request

    Please fill in:

    Email (required)
    wood & cut

    for the sizes refer to our standard tub sizes pricelist
    base finish
    joint detail
    internal seat
    no cover
    no spout


    "Sunoko" floor grate panel (width x length x 55H)

    width x length x 55H

    Asnaro stool (300 x 210 x 210H)


    Small bucket (180 x 290H)


    Large bucket (210 x 105H)

    Details of enquiry:

    It will be our care to contact you with a personalized price quotation and provide all the information you requsted.
    If you prefer to contact us by e-mail, feel free to contact us at: japan{at} for any general question.

    Please allow few days for the answer.
    We might discard without answer emails for the following reasons:

    • the return email address is not specified or is incorrect!
    • careless, non motivated or widely incomplete requests

    Also, some legitimate emails may get caught in the spam filter. If you do not hear from us please resend or contact us by fax at (+81) 78 – 262 – 7151.
    We appreciate your kind understanding.

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