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Outlet tubs

kominka summit – outlet tub – SOLD OUT

(sorry, sold out…)

Behind the curtains! Incredible scoop!
This is actually the tub that will be displayed at the Kominka summit.
The absolute protagonist at the Bartok design booth!

Sawara does not have the glamour of hinoki but is definitely the perfect choice to be installed in a kominka – or to bring the wabi-sabi and homey, understated atmosphere of a kominka to your home!

I am keeping these comments light because you will have the possibility to view it during the zoom-LIVE on April 22-24

For specs and sizes, check the details below but let me anticipate that is one of the most popular sizes for a compact ofuro.


The first time of a L corner – outlet tub – SOLD OUT

(sorry, sold out…)

I checked the archives and I could not find a predecessor: therefore it is confirmed that this is the first outlet tub with L-corner joints (and thicker planks).
Actually, the definition of “outlet tub” sounds almost like a joke when applied to this tub.
The material is spotless and the manufacture extremely accurate, with dowels matching the wood grain.

Perfect for a king or for one person that really loves himself.
Actually, having a good relation with oneself and caring for our body and for the precious time we spend on this planet is probably the precondition of the person that has enough energy to care for other people: the bright and energetic leader who gives back to the society and inspires everybody who crosses her or his path…

Do you think I am kind of derailing from the description of the ofuro?
Maybe. But it you could see it in person you would agree with me.
Compact in size but with the highest specs among our production, I think this outlet tub will set another record:
I have the clear feeling it will be sold within minutes from publication.
As a matter of fact, I am very tempted to do the sly move: skip publishing this entry and just installing it in my bath… ( ´艸`)


strong as a castle gate – outlet tub – SOLD OUT

(sorry, sold out…)

This is a real Christmas present!
The client who bought exaclty 2 years ago was not able to import it because of the Covid situation and decided to put it on the market again!
Extra rare! We haven`t been able to make knotty tubs for the past 2 years!
First came first serve basis!

We just completed a large roten-buro (outdoor bath) for a hot spring in Hakone. As we had to use long pieces of lumber, we had some left overs: we picked up the best parts – heartwood only – and made this “hearty” ofuro for the outlet corner. We had several inquiries in the past month for knotty hinoki tubs but did not have any nice material on stock.
If you were looking for this type of ofuro you should act quickly because I am not sure when we will have another lot of such generous knotty hinoki.

This ofuro is simple and solid like the gate of a Japanese castle.
The length and width are very comfortable for 1 or 2 people and the 45mm plank thickness (compared to the normal 33mm) makes a bold statement. We usually use “beefy” planks when the clients require a large ofuro but want to avoid the top edge reinforcing frame. An option worth 1,200-1,500 USD alone!
Last but not least, the pattern of the knots as you can see is very well balanced on both sides. A bolder accent in the center (like a constellation) on one side and a more subtle harmony of knots on the other side. We applied the copper apron on both sides so you are free to choose how to orient it.

I am realizing that my writing ability today is overwhelmed by the multiple outstanding features. It is like trying to use all my muscles to push through the inexpugnable castle gate. I think this ofuro even more than the others cannot be explained with rational means. It definitely belongs to the realm of the emotions, with its stronger than average hinoki aroma (due to the knots), the thick walls and the organic pattern of the wood grain.
Yes, I am sure that absorbing this primitive strength from the fibers of this tree will provide the owner the power to break through the sturdiest castle gate!
(oh- I think I went a little too far…)


Wabi sabi – outlet tub – SOLD OUT

(sorry, sold out…)

In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of appreciating beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” in nature (from Wikipedia)

This ofuro has been infused with love by our carpenter. But even the best can make a mistake sometimes (if you want to call it a mistake).

It happened to this beautiful ofuro.
…What do you mean? …Where is the mistake?
Actually, I am sure that nobody would be able to spot it even examining it from close by.
But, there is a small mistake in the sizes. The backrest is slanted but is also slightly tilted as there is a 15mm difference on the bottom comparing the front and the back.
Of course, we guarantee that this irregularity does not affect in any way the structural stability or water tightness. Also aesthetically it is difficult to spot, as the top rim joint is symmetrical. See the drawing extract below.

But this cloud definitely has a silver lining: If you choose this wabi-sabi outlet tub, you will also receive a special BONUS!
★ BONUS: order this outlet tub and receive as a present a Japanese bathroom accessories set C! (you can choose any stool you want, traditional, traditional large or minimalist)


Princess Sawara’s twin – outlet tub – SOLD OUT

(sorry, sold out…)

Well, the Princess Sawara outlet tub has been sold. But as we had several requests for the same princess… so at the same time, we decided to build another one…
Same material, same sizes, an identical twin to the previous outlet tub!

We do not have anymore sawara material in stock for an outlet tub so if you missed the first one, this is the last chance…


Princess Sawara – outlet tub – SOLD OUT

(sorry, sold out… but its twin is available here↓ )

Sawara is a close cousin of hinoki and is commonly called japanese cypress tree because of its slightly orangeish color (it reminds of cherry wood). Soft, light and feminine, it is definitely the “princess” of japanese conifers.

Lightweight and compact, this ofuro does not require a plywood box for the shipping making it possible to cut both on the costs of packaging and shipping.

We still have other material of this beautiful lot, so if you need a custom size in Sawara go ahead and contact us (we do not have thick material to make top border frames, so it needs to be a compact size that can be build with simple plank construction.


0 size – outlet tub – SOLD OUT

(sorry, sold out)

As the famous movie title goes “Some like it hot”.
Some like it “large”, some like it “small”.
At Bartok design we produce custom made ofuros without the “custom made” option cost!
Said that our most convenient deals are of course in the “outlet tub” corner.
Immaculate brand new, never used ofuros either resulting from clients changing their mind or produced in between orders thus optimizing the costs beyond the reasonable.

In the case of outlet ofuros, of course, you cannot change the size but who knows: sometimes the perfect match comes as a gift from the destiny!

Some like it curvy like Sofia Loren who stated: “everything you see I owe it to pasta”. Some like it minimal like Kate Moss and the contrast between the minuteness of her body and the depth of her eyes.

This outlet tub is definitely the Kate Moss type. It uses the most refined hinoki lumber, has a very compact size but is deep inside: offering a perfect comfort even in a tiny bathroom space. The quintessential 0 size!


Sweet and Compact – outlet tub – (sold out)

(sorry, sold out)

A part for its sweet aroma and for the options (removable bench, traditional cover) probably the most notable feature of this tub is to be compact.
With a height of 580mm, if you turn it sideways you can even make it pass trough a 600mm opening!

So, for all of you who gave up installing an ofuro for dimensional problems, take out your measuring tape…and check again!

This tub was order-made for a client. Then the client had to change dimensions and we made a new one.
This outlet tub is sold at 80% of its value. Also considering the included options (removable bench, traditional cover) it looks like a deal too good to believe!


Timeless standard – outlet tub – SOLD OUT

(sorry, sold out)

Here we are dazzled by new emperor-era names, displaced by an uncommonly cold and rainy springtime and preparing for an extra long (but already fully booked) Golden Week holiday break.
In these periods I recommend to lay back and wait for the confusion to clear.
Maybe you can have a cup of hoji-tea and listen to some old time classics like Frank Sinatra or Billie Holiday.
Timeless standards can reassure us that also this storm will pass, after all, and every winter (no matter how long or cold) always evolves into a springtime…

But if you try all of the above and the melancholy is still there, we have another “timeless standard” to propose as an infallible antidote to a bad day: a hot ofuro bath!

If you do not have one yet, look at this outlet ofuro tub.
Its outstanding feature is … to be not outstanding: it is a “timeless standard”.
Good for 2 people, in hinoki wood (not asnaro) and with a removable internal seat (already included in the price).
This is probably in the strike zone of 90% of the people who are looking for an ofuro.
2 people / hinoki / internal seat.
The only non standard part of this ofuro is the price: 650,000 JPY !!


outlet tub with bench – sold out –

sorry, sold out!

The sawara wood bathtubs trend continues with another fine grain tub made with the gentle orange cypress.
See the previous outlet tubs on the explanation why sawara is a trend.


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