Photos of installed tub in the US

Our client kindly participated us these pictures.
Looking at the ofuro bath tub from the lavatory area:

Japanese and western. Just like the lucky owner of this sleek bathroom (a japanese-american couple), mixing it up makes life more interesting!

The tub is a large knotless hinoki with tob border frame.

Asnaro “onsen” for Genova

Asnaro wood tub AB grade (straight cut)
Dimensions are: L1150mm x W700mm x H680mm (ext. dim.) 605mm(depth)
The tub bottom is equipped with a copper apron and the joints are finished with wooden dowels.
With a full set of japanese bath accessories, I am sure that the lucky owner will feel as he is bathing in a japanese onsen!

japanese lifestyle sites

wabisabi culture Wabisabi Culture – Cultural association and ryokan (japanese style bed&breakfast). Acknowledged by the tea ceremony school Ura-senke – Roma branch. Ideal for meditation, relaxation and self improvement.

japanese mural
Tile murals designed in Japan, made in Italy
– Ceramic tile murals with colorful glass enamel, designed by Japanese artist, Junko Torrini and handmade in Tuscany, Italy.

(language=french) is a site completely dedicated to living japanese style: tea ceremony, Zen, ceramic art, interior and furniture, japanese gardens and of course bathing! The site is a collection of well documented original columns completed
with links and selected books in case you too become japan-addicted… (language=french). This site is a lively community with tons of information about Japan. Look here for articles on Japan, chat & forums, goodies….

Japanese online
: look here for japanese lessons, kanji drills, meeting friends and a online japanese goods store!

Japanese ceramic dinnerware –
– Japanese ceramic tableware – plates, bowls, cups, yakimono – for you and for your gift

Daruma doll – Japanese traditional good luck charm
– Daruma doll (dharma doll), Japanese traditional good luck charm

My Kabuki Experiences

For those of you with additional interests in Japan, we have prepared a short video of how I was invited to perform with a village kabuki group.
Kabuki is a stylized Japanese drama that includes dance, best recognized by the ghost-like white make-up that the actors apply. Click here to read more about Kabuki on wikipedia. Village Kabuki is a non-professional version of Kabuki that were and still are community events in the more rural parts of Japan.
I have been performing for 10 years now and it is wonderful to be part of a fading tradition in Japan. Please enjoy!

wood wainscoting for your bathroom

A great way to complement a hinoki bathtub is with wooden wainscoting.
There are two options to choose from. Narrow [top left] and wide [top right].
The wood paneling is packed and delivered like this:

installed like this:


and looks like this:


VTR of Yoshiaki visiting ryokan in Kiso

Here is another short VTR that Yoshiaki took in Kiso valley when visiting the ryokan of a friend.
The place is located in Nagano-ken, Kiso-gun.
The name of the ryokan is: NEZAME-SANSHI (=purple mountains). This is because the mountains surrounding Kiso in all directions turn to purple at sunset.

I hope you enjoy!

ofuro tubs video

We prepared a short VTR about our japanese ofuro tubs.
How do you like it? We welcome your comments!

bartok tubs in their new homes!

Our wonderful customers have graciously sent us photographs of their installed and fully functional bathtubs. In both big and small, traditional and modern spaces, the tub fits in perfectly creating a relaxing atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.


Tub for Norfolk

Asano wood tub AB grade – straight cut – with internal bench.
Dimensions are: L1550mm x W800mm x H660mm (ext. dim.) 570mm (deep).
Plank edge with copper apron.

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