fast track tub for the UK

We received a kind and neat mail contact on 12/2, which we promptly replied.
On 12/10 the details were defined and we received the pre-payment.
The tub was completed on 12/24, the client requested a small modification to the chain holding the rubber plug and we shipped it on 12/27.
This order was really a sprinter, rapid and efficient!


But this tub is not only quick, it is a sleek Asnaro AB grade (quartersawn) wooden bathtub. sizes are:
L900mm x W700mm x H750mm (ext. dim.) 617mm(deep).
The bottom apron is finished with natural oil and the joints are capped with wooden dowels.
There is an internal seat in matching asnaro wood.


Finally, here is a picture of the interior with the removable bench. The drain is hardly visible because it is hidden under the seat.
We can say this tub was a sprinter, but I am sure that the owner will slow down and fully enjoy the relaxing time with the hot water up to the shoulders!


buy a japanese bathtub before it is too late!

Dear Japan lovers:
As you might know, the japanese sales tax is increasing starting 2014/4/1 (from 5% to 8%).
If your tub purchase is finalized after 4/1, we will have to update the price (increase of 3%).
(Unfortunately it is not an april fool…)


If you confirm your interest, we recommend to take advantage of the old price until the end of march and confirm your order.
Thank you for your kind understanding.

Pick up your tub in Long Beach

The client first considered a tub from our outlet corner, in the end he opted for a custom tub. The process was very efficient and the we carried on the communication mainly by email. Here below is the well proportioned and functional asnaro bathtub.


Here are some of the initial questions which I am sharing hoping that can be of common interest:
Q1) Does it have an internal seat? If there is currently no internal seat, could one be added out of the same material? What about a cover? I like the traditional cover–could this also be constructed out of the same wood and included? Can a step bench and stool also be constructed out of the same or matching material?

A1) We can provide the accessories in matching asnaro wood, anyway be advised that it will not be exactly the same color/grain.
tub, internal seat= asnaro plank cut
step bench, stool= asnaro quarter sawn cut

Q2) I also read on your web site that the tub should rest on some blocks. Our bathroom is tiled–can the tub sit directly on the tile or does it need some sort of block. If so, what kind of material should the block be made of?

A2) About the installation: if the floor is tiled, you do not need the blocks.
Anyway it depends on how you are going to do the plumbing connection.
If you are placing the tub on top of a floor drain, you can just do easily, as you would place a bottle on a funnel.
If you want to connect the drain to the plumbing with a joint, you need some space under the tub to tighten the nut.

Q3) Can a shower be installed right next to one of your wooden tubs, thus causing the tub to get wet daily during showers or should a divider be placed between the shower area and the wooden soaking tub that serves to keep water from regularly hitting the tub?

A3) There is no problem in having the shower by the tub. This is the standard layout in japanese bathrooms.
If some soap is reaching the tub, just be sure to rinse it after the shower.

Q4) What is the life expectancy of one of your wooden soaking tubs–is it about 10 years or ____ ?

A4) The lifespan of a wooden bathtub is about 10 years but if it is maintained properly it can last 20 or 30 years.


The tub has a overflow cut on the short side to redirect the oferflow towards the drain.

material: japanese Knotless (quartersawn) Asnaro wood bathtub
sizes: L1358mm x W806mm x H736mm (ext. dim.) 600mm(deep)
options: copper apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at front top-right

accessories: Asnaro wood removable internal seat W400mm
Asnaro wood traditional cover 826x226x18 (6pcs)
Asnaro wood stool (330x220x300H)
Sawara wood  large bucket(230D 120H)


(The internal seat is removable)

The client lives close to Long Beach so we opted to an ocean freight to LA port and he will take care of the pick up in person.
For us every tub has a story, like an individual. Also we hear often that wooden tubs are treated like a family member and sitted like a pet when the owner is away for a long period. But it does not happen often that the new owner goes to welcome it upon arrival…
I think the tub will be very comfortable with its new family and I am sure it will make everybody happy…!

tub installed in France

Our home work is progressing well now and the bathroom was delivered last week – The tub is now installed and we enjoyed the first bath lest week – It i great indeed !
B. from France
P1060607.JPG (more…)

ofuro for a long chat

This ofuro has a barrel type construction and 2 removable banches, so it is possible to sit inside, with the hot water to your shoulders and have a relaxing chat with your partner.


Tub information:
Sawara cypress wood AB grade (quarter sawn) oval tub
dimensions: L1500mm x W750mm x H800mm (ext. dim.) 666mm deep
The tub is equipped with a cover split in two halves ans a step/bench to make it easy to enter and exit the ofuro.

Here is a photo of the inside of the tub. The seats are both removable.


sloped bottom of bahtub

One of the “special” options in your homepage is the “flat bottom” — don’t the tubs normally come with flat bottoms? Or do they normally come with something on them?


replacement of damaged tub

Hi — We’ve already bought a bucket and stool from you to go with a tub we had made here out of what the guy who made it called “American hinoki-type cedar” (it smells a little bit like hinoki — we lived in Japan for a few years so I remember what it smells like). I have a question: the tub went for a full year without water in it and the wood is now very cracked. Is it possible for cracked wood to close back up? If not, we will probably order a tub from you; they look beautiful. If we do, is it possible to put the hole for the drain in the center of the tub? That is where it was on the last one and where the drain is centered in the place for the tub in our bathroom. I guess even if we go with a standard S3 size, having the drain in the middle would still make it a custom tub?

Thank you for your interest in our japanese bahtubs!

About your existing tub, thank you for the pictures.
The wood of the tub is very dry. Also, because the wood is plank cut and not
quarter-sawn, the deformation is very severe…
On the other hand, if you re-hydrate, chances are it will be usable again.

1) Fill the gaps with clear silicon in such a way that the tub does not
leak anymore. Let dry for 1 day.

2) Fill the tub with water and let it full for 2 days.

3) empty the tub. Probably the wood will have expanded and the silicon
will have squeezed out from the cracks. Cut it flush with a cutter.

The tub should be OK and not be too bad aesthetically also.
If this does not work or does not satisfy you, we will be glad to assist
you for a new tub.

If you decide to replace it, of course we can match the center drain. Actually we can also match the tub sizes if necessary.
Basically all our tubs are made to order so there is no difference in price between standard sizes and custom sizes.
We have a standard size pricelist for pure reference.

say it with a cutting board

As simple as the title states, a japanese cutting board makes it for a perfect gift!

It is rare and an everyday use item at the same time.
Surprise your mom, partner, friend or client with a unique yet useful present!
Bartok cutting boards are available in 3 sizes, check our shop or scroll this page further below.
Hinoki wood cutting boards are wrapped in rice paper and can contain a personalized message as per your request.
For further information please contac tus by email:

reference from London

I really enjoyed our first bath last night and the smell of the wood…….is just heavenly. I think I even prefer the scent of the asnaro to that of the hinoki!
Thankyou so much for making this one so quickly and special thanks to your carpenters.
Feel free to use the photo if you wish (not my best angle ha ha)

the carp and the cutting board

There is a saying in japan:
“It is like the carp on the cutting board”
(koi ni manaita)
It is used to mean that somebody is at the mercy the another party.
It is not sure that the carp is going to become a sashimi or not…
Anyway there is nothing that the carp can do and only has to passively wait for its destiny…

Do you want to be like a carp on the cutting board?
If not, take action!

Do not let your poor knives dull their blades on a plastic cutting board.
Also, you do not want to give free reign to bacteria build up in a traditional end-grain wooden board…

So, set aside your passive attitude in the kitchen and purchase one of our hinoki wood cutting boards! They come in 3 sizes, all gentle on the knives and safe on the foods thanks to the power of hinoki germicidal qualities.

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