Outlet tub for westerners (sold out)

* * * sorry, sold out * * *

wood tub
This tub has comfortable proportions and is perfect for a tall person.
Of course it can be used by two people sitting facing each-other.
A step/bench is also part of the set. It can be used for easier ingress/egress from the tub or for changing/relaxing after the bath.
Here are the details:
SIZE: L1600mm x W800mm x H635mm (externa dimensions) 550mm(depth)
QUALITY: knotless natural Hinoki bathtub.
1) AB grade tub (quarter sawn) : 695,000. JPY
2) Hinoki step stool 700 x 300 x 200H: 33,000. JPY
3) Packaging: 1750x950x840 wood box: 42,000. JPY
4) Shipment: please let us know your full address so we can take a quote (ocean or air freight)
(Or contact us for payment thru wire transfer to our bank account in Japan.)
download the drawing in acrobat format: outlet090407.pdf
front side (with wooden plate saying “KISO VALLEY HINOKI” )
Japanese bath
back side
Japanese tub bottom
view from bottom
ofuro bench

Outlet tub: a nostalgic standard (sold out)

* * * Sorry, sold out! * * *

soaking tub
We are proud to introduce you a new outlet tub.
Main characteristics are a compact size and light weight (about 60Kg.)
In the past this type of bathtub was a staple in all households.
Here is some data:
SIZES: L1100mm x W700mm x H670mm (external dimensions) 600mm(depth)
QUALITY: knotless natural Asnaro bathtub.
1) AB grade tub (quarter sawn) : 340,000. JPY
2) Packaging: 1250x850x870 wood box: 31,000. JPY
3) Transportation: at cost (please specify if you prefer sea or air and let us know exact address so we can get quotation.)
Plan / elevation available here (pdf)
Front view
Japanese soaking
Back view
Japanese bathing
Side view

wooden box

ofuro shipping

New customs rules for imports into California, put restrictions on materials containing formalin also with reference to the packaging.
As plywood (which contains adhesives) cannot be used, we built a solid wood crate.
This is the second going to California this year.
It looks like the box itself can be used to make some furniture or millwork…

Asnaro tub for California

japanese soaking

Knotless natural Asnaro bathtub.
What is striking at first sight is the well proportioned, light design.
This is achieved thanks to the use of thick wall planks: 44mm (compared to normal 33mm).
This allows to avoid the top frame border while providinf a very versatile size: L1400mm x W810mm x H635mm (external dimensions) 555mm(depth).

wood tub

This tub was offered in our outlet and the client asked us to customize it with an internal seat. The other accessories are made with the same asnaro wood.

fresh hinoki supply

Here is a load of fine hinoki “masakiban” from the Kiso Valley. Taking advantage of the poor economic conjuncture, we could obtain a good price for excellent material.
We will be glad to turn this advantage to our clients!
Actually in the recent months, asnaro wood is becoming more difficult to find.
Everibody noticed the beautiful and reasonably priced asnaro and the competition for the best logs is increasing.
Also for this reason we recommend hinoki if you plan to buy a wooden tub in 2009.

New company

Thanks to all hinoki lovers, our sales of japanese tubs in 2008 increased by almost 50% compared to the previous terms.
We decided it is time to create an indipendent company (separated from my business as an architect) to handle the design, manufacture and sales of wooden products.
One of the merits is that this will allow us a japanese sales tax saving of about 2.5% which will benefit our clients.
The new company, BARTOK DESIGN JAPAN Co. will deal exclusively in wooden products exports. Address and contact numbers remain without variation.
Our new primary bank account is at MINATO BANK, we also have another account at TOKYO MITSUBISHI UFJ BANKING CORP.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

Hinoki tub for Hawaii


This tub was built for a resort villa in hawaii.
It is going to be installed in ground and was built with slanted sides so that the top 20cm will be visible with its elegant proportions and angle.
The external sizes are L1956mm x W812mm x H730mm and are realized with extra thick planks to allow the sharp corner detail (without skirt)

Asnaro tubs for the Caribbeans

Japanese bathing

These 2 tubs were built for a resort project in the caribbean.
The sizes are very generous (1802 x 855 x 732 mm depth) and are realized with fine knotless asnaro wood. The tubs are equipped with an internal seat which is removable.
The set is completed with a step/bench and a narrow pitched marine style duckboard.

For this project we implemented a detail that is often requested: a western style overflow drain (See pictures below.) Until now we always recommended alternative solutions because there are no standard fittings that mount on the (thick) board of a wooden tub.
Also, normal overflow pipes are small and provoke a suction noise which disrupt the atmospere of a relaxing jpanaee bath!
But now we have a satisfactory solution both from the aesthetic and functional point of wiew. Feel free to ask in detail.

tub for hawaii – 4

Here we are!
Our carpenter worked thru the weekend and the tub is almost complete.
You can see the finished product in the “gallery” pages.
We used a thick wall construction to keep the design of the tub as simple as possible, without using a top border nor skirted joints.

tub for hawaii -3

The tub walls are now getting ready.
This is the preparation phase which requires most of the time.
All wood is cut and planed by hand.

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