Testimonial from miss O.

(Following the request for installed tubs pictures for a TV program. Tub shipped oct/2010)
Dear Iacopo Torrini,
I am still very happy with the tub! I use it every week and
especially in wintertime like now it serves us very good. All pleasure 😉
miss O. from S.
wooden ofuro

Testimonial from Switzerland-1

(Following the request for installed tubs pictures for a TV program. Tub shipped apr/2008)

mj-tub-01.jpg Hello
What an excellent recognition for what we consider to be one of Japan’s great products!
We would be happy to have the photo done with us in our tub with water in it. Attached is an old photo with the tub partially full showing a bit of the bath house
As you may recall, our Hinoki tub is inside our Japanese bathhouse, which is all made with Japanese cedar wood also imported from Japan…and looks out on our Japanese garden…
With kind regards
MJ from Switzerland

Testimonial from New Zealand

(Following the request for installed tubs pictures for a TV program. Tub shipped may/2010)
Dear Iacopo,
Here it is the picture of us enjoying the bath in early morning. No steam, as I have to keep the door open so the camera doesn’t get foggy !
We are enjoying our bath very much end everyone who see it admires your wonderful work, thank you . We live in a farm , in the mountains on the back of ***, and , in the winter we can see the snow from our bath window, as well as the trees we planted around. By the way , I have planted a couple of hectareas of Japanese cyprus, the same variety used in Japan. I hope my daughter one day can make her own bath from them ! ( we plant forest for the carbon credits scheme )
I wish you and your family a new year full of beautiful bathtubs all around the world !
Best regards,
JC from New Zealand

Testimonial from California

(Following the request for installed tubs pictures for a TV program. Tub shipped feb/2008)

gk-california-01.jpg Happy to help. We have enjoyed our bathtub tremendously.
Attached are 4 photos for your use. We give you complete rights to use these images as you see fit.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.
Best wishes,

G&K from California


hinoki ofuro published in magazine

The house of a client in Switzerland will be published in an architectural magazine and – yes – the japanese hinoki bathtub also received a nice shot!

I am looking forward to browsing the actual magazine!


mold and hydro-repellent treatment

What is the feedback from your customers in Singapore – regarding mold experience on the bathtub. I am very worried about this, because here everything gets moldy, even shoes.

About the mold: you should provide a good natural ventilation (open doors or windows after the tub). Forced ventilation alone, will not be enough.
In any case, we treat the tubs with a hydro-repellent product (see here).
“KIHADA ICHIBAN” is applied by brush or roller. It does not create a coat, it actually penetrates inside offering lasting protection whithout occluding the pores of wood.

Hinoki wood is generally unfinished to convey its soft touch and natural aroma. Anyway, this new product (based on the nano-technology and using a fluoride base) operates like the silicates treatments used in europe to waterproof bricks or plaster.
These products penetrate inside the material so they do not leave a peel, they do not alter the color, luminosity and aroma of the wood.

We have been using this product for 4 years now.
It is great to prevent mold and we did not have any claim from Singapore customers so far.

wood surface finishing

I read because your tub is planed, it does not need sealants or any chemical product. If soy sauce gets spilled on it and left to dry, would it stain or can be simply wiped off?

About the finishing, we offer 2 options:

1) simply planed: in this case you have to wash away immediately any spill or it will stain. If you get a stain, blot wisely with some bleach and rinse promptly until the stain is removed.

2) treated with “kihada ichiban”. This product is a hydrorepellent which does not create a film on the wood. It is very safe and environmental friendly but it is a chemical product.
Please find more info here:
In this case the spill will not penetrate the wood. The manufacturer warns that the hydrorepellent effect might diminuish after 2-3 years but in our experience we could not find considerable performance loss.

hinoki and asthma

What is the difference between hinoki and “Port Orford cedar” (Port Orford cypress, Oregon) for asthma?

I am not a specialist but the composition of the resin within the wood fibers of Port Orford Cedar and Hinoki is very different.
Actually one of the active aromatic components which has been isolated and is frequently used for viral protection and anti-allergic products is the hinokitiol.
hinokitiol is present in Taiwanese hinoki and in Japanese Asnaro wood.
It is included only in small percentages in japanese hinoki! and if I am not wrong, it is completely absent in american cedars.
Please find more info here:
If you are interested in the aromatic properties of this wood you might also consider ordering a bottle of oil and try if it works in your case.

elegant ofuro for Rome

This tub will be employed in an apartment renovation in Rome. I saw the pictures of the present typical western style bathroom and I am looking forward to the metamorphosis into a clean design japanese wet room.
The client also took in consideration a deeper tub, but finally opted for the classic module for this size tubs: 2 shaku (about 2 feet or 60cm)


Hinoki wood tub AB grade (straight cut)
Dimensions are: L1100mm x W700mm x H690mm (ext. dim.) 600mm (deep) .
The bottom of the tub is finished with a copper apron and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
Accessories include a sunoko floor grating and japanese wooden bucket&stool

The tub has an internal bench and to offer the possibility to orient it left or right, the iron brand was applied on both front and back.


Photos of the interior, smooth as a baby`s cheek…


You can even see the drain fitting reflected in the polished wood of the interior walls!


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