weight of ofuro and floor heating

Hi, I read that you need 2-3 people to lift the tub. Can you give me some idea of the approximate weight?
The other point I’m worried about is the dryness …my bathroom has both underfloor heating and heated towel rail!!

Please note:
Gross weght: 130 kg (including plywood box)
Net weight: 90 kg (tub only)
(NOTE: this is in case of L1400mm x W750mm x H700mm tub)

Heating in the bathroom can damage your tub.
This can be solved by keeping water in the tub at all times (during the heating season).
Cover the tub to avoid condensation and mold in the bathroom.
The tub may get some stain also, but the hydro-repellent treatment we apply makes it easy to clean.
We cannot make a clear statement for your situation (recommend or not recommend): you have to consider the options and the risk involved.