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A common way to proceed is that you let us know the sizes/image of the ofuro you are looking for, so we can provide a quotation/drawing for your reference and we can start from there for modifications/alternative quotations as necessary.

Custom tubs

testing the tub


This is the photo of the tub we shipped to Vancouver being installed.
For me being used to cramped japanese residences with small rooms and “virtual” gardens it is always a nice surprise to see the generosity of space of an american home…
Also it is always a fresh surprise for me to see the same tub that I saw last month in the hands of our carpenter Wada-san while he was drinking tea… The tub is now in a completely different reality, surrounded by smiling westerner`s faces…
There is maybe a positive side to globalization, where people living 10000 miles away from Japan can put in our homes a real Japanese bathtub, made by hand by an experienced (and sometimes a little grumpy) japanese craftsman!


Here are the specs:
Model/material: japanese knotless hinoki wood bathtub with both short sides slanted
Sizes: L1470mm x W700mm x H590mm (526mm deep)
Option: Additional depth 40mm (486mm →526mm)
Accessories: Pocket onsen set (hinoki wood balls and aroma oil)
Hinoki wood cover 720x460x21thick (3pcs) with joists below Hygrometer


Here are the specs:
Model/material: japanese Knotless sawara wood round bathtub
Sizes: dia 1270 mm (50″) x H630mm (int. dim.) – 740 mm high
Options: Additional cost of over flow drain (remove flexible hose)
Accessories: Sawara wood covers with handles
Set C accessories (ladle with handle, large bucket, and stool)

adjustable seat hinoki tub

This gorgeous tub was commissioned by an upstate NY architect for his client.
The design process went along for few months and at some point the client also considered using some shoji screens for the project.


Here are some details:

– japanese Knotless hinoki wood bathtub w/ L-joints (thick planks)
– sizes: L1375mm x W750mm x H686mm (int. dim.) – 615 mm deep
– natural oil apron, small dowels @ joints. Iron brand at front top-right
– Hinoki wood internal seat D400mm with additional set of guides
– Hinoki wood traditional cover 870x210x18 (7pcs)
– Hinoki wood bench 609 x 450 x 648H
– Sawara wood ladle with handle (180D 290H)
– Sawara large bucket (225D 120H)
– Asnaro minimalist stool (330 x 220 x 300H)
– Hygrometer (complimentary)


As mentioned in the title, this is our first “removable seat” with the opportunity to be positioned lower or higher.


We supplied also a normal bath stool together with a higher custom bench which can be used for entering the tub from a sitting position. Very convenient for users of wheelchairs.

With this order we can confirm the recent trend in shipping fees: airfreight is cheaper than ocean freight in more and more occasions. On the top, time consuming Importer Security Filing is not necessary for airfreight so keep it in mind if you plan to purchase a bathtub from Japan…

my carpenter scolded me because the top picture is too cramped and the nice front and proportions of the tub cannot be seen…
He is right. This tub deserves a clean head shot. Enjoy!


square tub for Singapore

We have been corresponding with the architect for about 2 months, arranging all the details to make it fit nicely on site.
Between Christmas and New year, we completed this well proportioned square hinoki tub and extra thin sunoko floor grating.



Here are the specs for the tub:
* material: Hinoki wood AB grade tub (quatersawn)
* sizes: L900mm x W900mm x H750mm (ext. dim.) 640mm(deep)
* details: oil finish apron, wood dowels joints. Iron brand at front top-right
* options: Hinoki wood internal seat W300mm
* accessories:
– Hinoki wood traditional cover 920x225x18 (4pcs)
– Hinoki wood “Sunoko” floor grate panel 900x900xH55 (split in 2)
– Asnaro wood stool (330x220x300H)



I hope the client will enjoy this corner of authentic japan in his bathroom!

ofuro in green Canada

It took us only 8 mails to submit the quotation, answer to the precise questions of the client and adjust the order details!

Unfortunately we had many tubs in construction and there was no space to take good pictures.
We hope to be able to publish here the site pics once installed.


here are some details about the order:
* japanese Knotless asnaro wood bathtub (42mm thick planks)
* sizes: L1525mm x W736mm x H650mm (ext. dim.) 550mm(deep)
* details: copper apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at front&back top-right
* options: ball-type drain plug


* Asnaro wood traditional cover 756x217x18 (7pcs)
* Hinoki wood traditional stool (300x180x200H)
* Asnaro wood stool (330x220x300H)
* Sawara wood ladle with handle (180D 290H)
* 100ml Asnaro-Hiba Oil bottle
* Sawara wood foot bath (430x270H)


Hinoki planks (AB grade) for floor grate panel w/hydrorepellent
a) L2000mm x W93mm x t15mm with anti-warping slits


We also added the answers to the client`s questions to our faq section.
I hope it can be of reference to you as well: >>>

This is the site view with a large corner window opening on the green garden.

It reminds me of a saying of Cicero: Si apud bibliothecam hortulum habes nihil deerit.

translated: if next to your study you have a small garden, there is nothing else you need.
Well, I wonder what Cicero would have said if he knew about japanese ofuros…!

asnaro tub for a nice couple in CA

This tub will be delivered to the home of a mixed couple (Japanese and American).
I am wondering who first thought of installing a japanese bathtub at home: the husband or the wife?


The order consists of a knotless asnaro tub with sizes:
L1360mm x W750mm x H730mm (ext. dim.) 645mm(deep)
and with a top frame “kamachi” border of 55xH120 cm
Details include a copper apron and wooden dowels for the corner joints.


And one asnaro wood “Sunoko” floor grate panel 1400 x 1840 x H55mm It is split is 4 panels 460mm wide for an easy maintenance/cleaning of the floor underneath.

From now on, we will include with our bathtubs a complimentary hygrometer.
We recommend to keep it in the bathroom and be sure that the humidity is above 55-60%.
If the environment is very dry, and the tub is seldom used there is the chance that the wood may crack, so keep an eye on the hygrometer!


Apollonian tub for Australia

Maybe it is difficult to guess from the pictures of the products below, the tub will be installed freestanding and visible on the four sides in the center of the room.
There will be “sunoko” floor grating all around and covering the floor of an adjoining terrace. There is a window behind the tub so it is possible to look out at the hillside while taking a bath!
At the same time, the light coming from behind the tub exalting the Apollonian beauty and proportion of the whole interior.

I hope the client will concede some pictures to be posted here!


Here are some data about the tub:
* japanese Knotless hinoki wood bathtub
* thick planks (42mm) – without top border frame
* L1500mm x W750mm x H680mm (550 mm deep)
* T joint corners, wooden dowels, copper apron. Iron brand at front top-right


accessories and options:
* Hinoki wood internal seat W400mm (removable)
* Hinoki wood floor mounted spout type E
* Sawara wood ladle with handle (180D 290H)
* Sawara large bucket(225D 120H)
* Hinoki wood – traditional design – stool (300x180x200H)
* Asnaro soap box (175x115x48H)
* Pocket onsen bath aroma set – “special reserve” type (green pouch)

In this case we were asked to supply a simple tap already mounted inside the spout box.


For your reference, download the file below to see the main two methods used to install and feed a wooden spout. >>>141009-spout-plumbing.pdf

photo of internal seat: slide it out to remove


material for the duckboards:
* Hinoki planks for deck (plank cut, high quality, knotless) w/ hydrorepellent treatment, planned finish, chamfer corner
a) L2700mm(2655) x W110mm x t18mm
b) L1100mm(1010) x W110mm x t18mm
to the right are the buckets, stool and other accessories (the “pocket onsen” is not in the photo)

twin tubs for malaysia

Here are two squarish hinoki bathtubs ordered thru an architecture office in Malaysia.
They will be installed is similar condo units, behind a large glass partition separating the toilet/lavatory area from the large shower/bath area.

The thin kamachi border we used in this case has the advantage that it can be grabbed easily when entering and especially egressing the tub


Here are the specs for the tubs;
* japanese Knotless hinoki wood bathtub
* sizes: L1100mm x W1000mm x H750mm (ext. dim.) 640mm(deep)
* details: copper apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at front top-right
* option: overflow socket with flexible pipe, internal seat W350mm
* accessories: Hinoki wood wall mounted spout A
The side behind the bench is slightly slanted.


to the left: the back of the tub with western type overflow socket.
to the right: overflow with flexible pipe installed. It should be faced towards a wall or enclosed in a ledge. (Often, clients provide their one metal pipe and leave it exposed)

asnaro tub for a Singapore terrace house

The client is renovating a two-story terrace house in Singapore and choose a japanese wooden bathtub for himself and his family.
We hope they can enjoy it everyday!
The tub has copper plates joints both at the front and back (option.)
Here are the main specs:
material: knotless asnaro wood (AB grade)
sizes: L1180mm x W750mm x H690mm (ext. dim.) 580mm(deep)
details: copper apron, copper plate joints. Iron brand at front top-right.
options: removable internal seat (W350mm)
accessories: Asnaro wood wall mounted spout A
The drain fitting is not installed and we supplied it separately.
(standard-long type socket / rubber plug)
The spout can be opened easily for maintenance and cleaning.

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