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slice of Japan in Bangkok!

Message from the client:

Dear Iacopo & team,

I wanted to share two photos of my installed ofuro tub at my place – see attached.
I’m delighted with it and use it almost every day, it’s a slice of Japan in the urban jungle of Bangkok.

Looking forward to returning to Japan next year when I visit.

Arigato mille,



I am speachless…
blinded by the pure beauty of this installation, and mesmerized by the witty prose!
I still never met H. in person but we have been indirectly connected for several years as his family is also using a bartok design Ofuro since 2015 back in the UK.
I hope to meet soon in Japan (or in Bangkok?) and thank you again for sharing with us this juicy slice of Japan!

golden harmony

Message from the client:

I love my bath. See attached picture. 

S. from Canada

Also in Japan, walls of traditional stle bathrooms are clad in black (granite).
Needless to say the dark color enhances the natural wood tone and makes the sawara shine as if it was gold!

doubling-down in Hawaii

Message from the client:

Aloha, loving my new ofuro and the smell is amazing!
I would like to order another, this time a rectangular shape. Is it possible to have a knotty ofuro made?
Please let me know.
Thank you,

M. from Hawaii

The kadomaru looks amazing coordinated with the simple grey tiles and the green outside of the window!
I am afraid we do not have knotty material available and it has been like this for over 3 years,
I hope the client will settle for the knotless hinoki or asnaro…

love at first sight in Florida!

Message from the client:

Dear Iacopo,
We have finally installed the beautiful tub you created for us.
Looking forward to enjoy using it this weekend. Although we enjoy just looking at it.
Warm regards,

How do you like this L1400mm x W750mm x H640mm (ext. dimensions) 550mm(deep) hinoki tub with top border frame and copper plates?

The ofuro is literaly ON STAGE!
And the balance between the stone patterned walls and the wood is perfect and communicates a natural yet elegant atmosphere.
I also think the solution for the baywindow is very smart! The frosted central panel for privacy and transparent corners to have multiple views.

Have a worderful bath!

a Japanese in Paris…!

Message from the client:

Hi Iacopo ,
finally my bathroom finished.
I would like to share some photos .
Thank you again for the ofuro.

J. from Paris


For this project we just supplied the ofuro and the shiji-like glass sliding doors were built locally.

even if the rooms are comparted, it looks so bright and ethereal with the shoji-like design!
the grid gives order and at the same time makes it feel more spacious.
I am sure the layout is also very flexible and cozy at the same time.

Even if it not technically shoji, it evokes in my mind the words of the immortal Japanese author Jun-ichiro Tanizaki.
Click the link below (documentary by NHK) if interested in learning why…

after a 17-year wait… hinoki ofuro meets hinoki ceiling 💕💕

This nice couple based in the USA, purchased a K-grade hinoki ofuro from us in 2005.
Now, they decided to order wide hinoki planks – all heartwood to clad the ceiling and further upgrade their lovely bathroom.

The ofuro really looks brand new after 17 years, thanks for taking good care of it!
I hope the natural feel of the ceiling and added hinoki fregrance can bring you happiness for the next 16 years to come!

Message from the client:

Iacopo – your tub and wainscotting looks wonderful
I am sending you 10 pictures.
Please feel free to use whatever works best for you
All the best  M.

the adventures of Tin Tin in the ofuro!

I love the semi outdoors / semi indoors setting!
Too bad you can only do if you live in the tropics…😢

Be sure to click the PLAY button in the video below to see the motorized door in action\(^o^)/

Message from the client:

Iacopo San,
It is finished and I can start enjoying my blue lotus Spa Ofuro and I love it!
I give you some photos and videos for your magazine,
Kind regards,

T. from Malaysia

from a former hinoki-oil-addicted client…!

Dear Iacopo,
here are all of the photos that I promised from unpacking to moving it into the small en-suite to placing it into the shower pan. It all worked out really well and I’m very happy with it! It is such an integral part of my overall self-care. I’m so glad I found you guys!!
By the way, the bench and seat are teak which I like but of course, in no way compares to the Hinoki!

T from the U.S.A.

“I love my bath, iacopo!”

“I love my bath, iacopo!”

This was the title of a very kind whatsapp message from a customer.
We live for these few but precious dew drops!!
But the real treat was coming in the following messages:
Two wonderful photos that I post here and a heart-warming message (see down at the bottom)
But first, let me here briefly comment on the photos:
1) the ofuro is installed with an angle (not parallel to the walls).
2) the reason for this is not a whimsy design concept: see the second photo!
3) yes! the ofuro has this direction so you can see outside the window
4) but the real “coup de genie” is that the ofuro is not fixed! You can move and rotate it.
You can look out of the window when it is sunny and turn to the natural white wall for a relaxing meditation when it`s raining outside (or just to the opposite…\(^o^)/)

Basically, there is a deck under the ofuro that hides a waterproof pan with floor trap. so the drain socket of the tub can be made to discharge the water anywhere as long as it is on the duckboard.
Isn`t it a revolutionary idea?

Client endorsement:
‘An ofuro bath is a major investment but rest easy, you have come to the right place. My Bartok experience proved first-class throughout, combining outstanding craftsmanship with impeccable service – all from the other side of the world! A rare thing in this day and age and a tonic for the soul.

But don’t just take my word for it. Speak to Iacopo and his team to see for yourself.
Go on, take the plunge! Invest in a beautiful, wooden work-of-art. You will never regret it.’

I. from France

All best wishes

ofuro in the living (temporarily…)

Dear Iacopo-san,
Please be informed that the Japanese Bathtub successfully arrived yesterday afternoon.
The wooden box (package) couldn’t enter thru the door. So, together with DHL, we removed the package and carried the bathtub into our house (see photo).
Thanks a lot!!!

Actually it looks great also in the living room!
Maybe you can move it over from time to time to bathe while enjoying the garden view!

The picture was so cute and the ofuro looks so much at home overlooking the garden of this light-filled house that…
I could not resist asking the (a little puzzled) owner If I could share the photo here.

A part for the jokes, using a flexible hose to drain the ofuro in a safe place, I think it would be so nice if the ofuro can be moved around from the living to the inner garden and enjoy every angle of this beautiful house!

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