february 2023 newsletter

happy Valentine from Japan!

Well, it is not the love that you think… (;゚Д゚) … anyway, for sure a feeling of profound respect and enthusiasm to work together blossomed among us…(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

And receiving the mandate to distribute Shinichi Murayama`s amazing KUMIKO shoji products WORLDWIDE is even better than a box of choccolate candy hearts!!!

But lets` take a few steps back.
Kyoto is a legendary place. Not just for the temples and the gardens.
Kyoto appears as a modern city (unfortunately for the amazing wealth of traditional machiya still being demolished daily).
Anyway, it maintains 100% of its mysterious charm in the people, in the rituals, in the circles of businessmen, craftsmen, maiko dancers and sigar bars, where I had the privilege to lounge with Y.K. and other giants of the Kyoto cultural world.
Interacting with important people in Kyoto is like a tea ceremony: casual and familiar on the surface, multi-layered, intriguing and secretive in the core.
It feels like lucid dreaming, and there is not a single “honne” (sincerity) and “tatemae” (appearance, etiquette) but rather they are multiplied and entangled like in a caleidoscope and you`ll never understand at which stage of communication you are at.

It is difficult to pentrate inside the shell but once you win the trust of a Kyoto-ite, you can obtain access to the “buttons room” and to exclusive introductions that expand like rings in a pond. 
And you are suddently treated with a sincere sense of hospitality by splendid people you meet for the first time.
Exciting. Humbling. Dreamlike experience.
Again, even more rewarding than a box of chocolate hearts!! (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

And here is how I was introduced to Shinichi Murayama: the man who pushed the boundaries of traditional kumiko shoji into high-end design for luxury hotels, lounges, chapels and cutting edge lighting fixtures.
As an example, you can see here below the kumi-kou-light-pillars at the Shangri-La in Bangkok!

More photos are at this page: https://bartokdesign.com/0-blog_news/collaboration-with-murayama-mokko.php

But the most important information is that the Kumiko-lighting fixtures are available for sale in our shop!! at this page: https://bartokdesign.com/product-category/illumination

This is just a small selection for the moment. Of course Murayama-sensei can produce custom lighting fixtures as well as panels, ceilings, doors, counters, and make any new advenurous idea even brighter! Contact me for any question.

And … YES! 
The hot news do not end here…\(^o^)/

As anticipated, I will be in Honolulu from 2/18 to 2/22 to present the “HAIKU-YU”, new collaboration work between the Kyomizu-yaki ceramic artist Itoh Nanzan and Bartok design.

Konishi Keiko will also participate, with her hand-made fragrance bags and other items, while Miori Kishimoto will show her hand-decorated fans collection.

We will exhibit at the restaurant Nanzan Giro Giro on 2/21 and 2/22 from 13:00 to 19:00.
Drop me a mail or call me at +81-90-8205-1200 if you are in town!!

Also, contact me by email if you want to know more about the HAIKU-YU.

I will bring to Hawaii this 1500mm long ofuro (that can fit 2) with thicker planks to avoid the need for the top frame border “kamachi” which would not fit well with the simple harmony of the colorful plates.

M-7) hinoki tub with 42mm planks: 970,000 JPY
 500L / 132 US gallon 1500L x 750W x 630H (D550) (59.1” x 29.5” x 24.8”)

hinoki tray: 30,000 JPY

one set of 18 plates: 220,000 JPY

That is all for now. All the Best//

and, of course,
Happy Valentine!!
/ from iacopo \(^o^)/