Natural repair for wood crack!

 I would like here to share a story with a happy ending. I hope it can be of help to others also.
PHASE 1) 12/20/2016
The client purchased two round footbaths in December 2016.

PHASE 2) 4/16/2017
We received the following email from the client:

One of my foot tubs is leak and unfortunately I don’t find the note which followed with advise how to fix it. Could you please send it to me by mail?

My answer:
I am sorry for the problem.
Can you send me a picture?
Is there a crack? How many mm wide?

The crack is 2 mm large.
Best regards


My answer:
First of all I would like to ask you to place a piece of newspaper inside the foot tub, on the side of the crack. Hold it firmly in place while filling it with water.
You will notice that the newspaper transfers the humidity to the wood, while preventing the water from flowing outside of the crack.
Leave the foot bath filled this way for 24 hours. The wood should expand back in place and hopefully seal the crack.
Please let me know if this solves the problem.

PHASE 3) 4/18/2017
Guess what, it worked! The crack is fixed and the tub keeps the water. I’m so glad.
Have a nice week.

My answer:
Can you send me a picture?
Do you think I can publish it on our homepage?
Thank you//

PHASE 4) 4/19/2017
Dear Iacopo
I’ m sorry I was too early to say the leak was fixed. When I took all the newspaper away it still leaked a bit. So I have to let the newspaper stay for one more night.
Best regards

I´m now delighted to tell you the crack is fixed and the tub no longer leak. yesterday I was content after soaking it i water and changes from cold to warm water every second time.
I leave some photos if you like to post it.
Best wishes

My answer:
Thank you, this is great news!
All the Best//

HAPPY END! I am publishing here below the photos I received for your reference.