colors of wood

What colors of wood do you offer? 
Can you share some pictures of the actual colors/shades.

Dear Y,
We use natural wood, no pigments, or dies. Also, only conifers can be used for bathtubs so the colors are quite similar. (they are all light color woods.)
I mean that there is no dark wood like walnut or reddish like mahogany.

Our three kinds of wood are:
・hinoki (whitish. color tone similar to birch)
・asnaro (yellowish. color tone similar to oak)
・sawara (orangeish. color tone similar to cherry)

Rather than comparing the photos of the 3 samples, I think it is easier to understand if you run a search on our site so you can see some completed tubs and pick the common traits.

If you want we can send some physical samples.
Where are you based? If we can use EMS shipping the cost will be 4000 JPY. If not (USA, Australia etc. – during the COVID emergency) we will have to use Fedex so cost will be 12,000 JPY

Please let me know how you intend to proceed.