Hinoki Essential Oil (Young Trees)


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Hinoki oil is obtained by steam distillation of hinoki wood trunk pulp.

On the left you can see our small size testing drum which holds 500g of wood chips.
Steam is made go thru the wood chips like a large perculator. The steam then condensate in water with some oil content in emulsion (see in the picture on the right.)
No addictive or chemical is used. After reiterating the process 4 times, the yield is about 1% which means that 1Kg of hinoki contains about 10ml of essential oil.



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Hinoki oil 10ml + air mail to N.AMERICA/OCEANIA ¥2,500 JPY, Hinoki oil 10ml + air mail to ASIA ¥2,200 JPY, Hinoki oil 10ml + air mail to EUROPE ¥2,800 JPY, Hinoki oil 10ml + air mail to S.AMERICA/AFRICA ¥3,000 JPY


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