Oke Basin / Bucket


dimension: 225 mm x H120 mm / 8 7/8″ x H=4 3/4″

2020.10.04 update:
It was a long time that we wanted to renew the design and make the copper banding with the same braided wire we use for the handheld ladle and foot bath.
Finally, here we are with the new version that perfectly coordinates with the other items.

But there is an extra surprise: we managed to reduce the thickness of the walls and I am so proud of the round finishing of the top edge is a real!
The functionality and quality of a Bartok design product with the design that would fit in the mizu-ya (washing area) of an exclusive Kyoto tea ceremony cha-shitsu!

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dimension: 225 mm x H120 mm / 8 7/8″ x H=4 3/4″

The oke (桶) is a bassinette used in Japanese home bathrooms, onsen and sento public baths. These basins are often sold as a set together with the stool for the bathroom. The custom is to wash before getting into the bath water, whether at home or in a public bath. Fill the basin with hot water from the faucet or shower to wash your face and body. Use it to rinse off shampoo and soap. Do all this while seated on your bath stool. Step into the ofuro clean and free of soap or shampoo. This basin has a 22.5cm diameter.

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bucket + air mail to USA ¥15,500, bucket + air mail to EUROPE,CANADA,OCEANIA ¥14,300, bucket + air mail to ASIA ¥12,400, bucket + air mail to S.AMERICA/AFRICA ¥15,300


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