‘Gyo’ Pocket onsen


pocket onsen is … always with you!

GYO means “line” in japanese. Following the success of the previous 2014 “pocket onsen”, the GYO version is even more minimal, simple, stilish. Three hinoki wood orbs are stored in line together with a vial of hinoki aroma oil in a traditional paulownia wood box. Open the tight wooden box, draw out the hinoki orbs and apply few drops of hinoki essential oil. Once you drop them in hot water you will feel as you have been tele-ported into a japanese onsen…! (hot springs)


1) the aroma oil is made from the very wood shavings originated from the production of hinoki bathtubs.
2) the hinoki wood orbs are not only diffusers of the aroma but can be touched for a full sensory experience
3) the hinoki orbs slowly release the aroma so that there are no oil patches on the water.
The ‘pocket onsen GYO’ kit consists of one paulownia box, one fial of essential oil and 3 hinoki orbs.

★you can perform the magic in few seconds:

1) open the box
2) spread few drops of essential oil on the orbs
3) place the orbs in the hot water
The tidy up is also very quick and LINEAR.

In our lives, we need more simplicity, more authenticity. Rediscover it with ‘GYO’ !

↓See also here below our original presentation video of the first version of the pocket onsen and special reserve essential oil.


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type of oil

with "young trees" essential oil, with "special reserve" essential oil, with both essential oils (compare set)


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