Hinoki Essential Oil Reserve (250 year mature)


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This product was developed with a crowd funding campaign in 2014.

○ About normal hinoki essential oil (young trees)
There are many different types and brands of hinoki cypress essential oil on the market but all of them come from the distillation of wood scraps originated from construction sites: basically 40 to 50 year old trees.

◎ About the “special reserve” essential oil (old growth trees)


You have to know that because of their dimensional stability, to build wooden bathubs we must use old growth hinoki wood: in average 250 to 300 year old trees or more! The aroma from an old growth tree is totally different from the commercially available timber. I think you can imagine.

To make this original oil (I believe that nobody else in the world makes hinoki from old growth hinoki wood), I used the very same wood used to build bathtubs and distill it to produce a legendary aroma oil. Of course it would be too expensive to use solid timber for extracting the oil. This makes this oil also ecological as it is 100% originated from recycled materials! Also, very few scraps are originated in the process of building a bathtub, I used the hinoki shavings coming out of the planer, during the manufacture and finishing of the very hinoki cypress bathtubs.

For this reason, using few drops of “special reserve oil” in your standard bathtub (acryl, enamel etc.) is the closest thing you can experience to bathing in a kiso valley hinoki bathtub!

(do not place oil drops directly in the water. use a sponge or even better a piece of wood to absorb the oil and slowly release it into the water.) You may also be interested in our “pocket onsen”

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