SET-A: 1 ladle w/handle + 1 large bucket


A wooden pail or ladle with a handle and a bowl. 手桶

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The japanese bath etiquette (and common sense custom) consists of washing the body before entering in the hot water for soaking.
A ladle is used to scoop some water from the bathtub and pour on the body to rinse away the soap.

The large bucket can be used to rinse the body or also to  mix water and soap and create a foam or to rinse the towel used to wipe the body.

Some people use both, each for its specific function.

The accessories are in sawara wood, entirely hand made, exquisitely finished with braided copper wire.


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SET-A + air mail to USA ¥25,100, SET-A + air mail to EUROPE,CANADA,OCEANIA ¥23,800, SET-A + air mail to ASIA ¥21,300, SET-A + air mail to S.AMERICA/AFRICA ¥25,200


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