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The “aroma cards” set consists of one wooden box and 12 hinoki cards (with yo-ju-juku-go messages).
Find more on how to use this product and how it was developed at the following link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hinoki-aroma-cards-japan-gift#/

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By popular demand here it is the wooden box for the hinoki aroma cards! The box is made in kiri wood (pawlonia). The cover matches the base with such precision that the box does not open if you lift it – actually it does not open even if you shake it!

Once you close the box a satisfactory “puff” of aromatic air exits from the microscopic gaps between the cover and the box lips.

Actually, the box is so airtight that for those who choose this set, I will ship the cards without plastic wrap.
The box external sizes are 107 x 73 x H21mm (92 x 57mm internal) so you can use it also as a unique business card holder!
The box comes together with the full set of yo-ji-juku-go 12 cards. Ideal for a gift.
The price (4000 JPY = about 37 USD) includes shipping worldwide by airmail, basically the box itself is sold under-cost … hurry up before we have an afterthought!
It is recommended to order also one bottle of essential oil to enhance the aroma of the cards. You can order the “young trees hinoki oil” or the “special reserve hinoki oil” as per your preference.


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