Hinoki traditional bath stool, regular


You’ll find a small stool (風呂いす) like this in every Japanese bathroom, often made from plastic, but traditionally made from wood like this one. These are usually purchased together with a bucket. For just a hint of Japanese minimalism in your bathroom, these are a great accent. As the custom is to shower before getting into the ofuro, this stool and the bucket are placed next to the tub, where the shower is located. The bather uses the shower and the running water from the faucet to wash body and hair, while seated. The bucket is filled with water to splash and rinse the body. There’s usually a mirror,  quite low to the floor, so that when seated the bather can see what he or she is doing. Some people even shave while seated here. Have you tried sitting to shower? It’s a lovely relaxing experience, quite different from the quick rinse of the typical western shower. This stool is made from Japanese hinoki. It will release its lovely lemony scent when wet. The price includes shipping, click the drop-down menu to see the price for your location. We make this traditional stool in two sizes, this is the smaller of the two. The Large stool is wider in the seat and has longer legs.


dimension: 300 x 180 x 200H mm / w=11 3/4″ d=7″ h=7 7/8″

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traditional stool + air mail to USA ¥29,900 JPY, traditional stool + air mail to EUROPE,CANADA,OCEANIA ¥27,600 JPY, traditional stool+ air mail to ASIA ¥22,700 JPY, traditional stool + air mail to S.AMERICA/AFRICA ¥31,600 JPY


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