“kadomaru-S” nostalgic hottub 850×630



dimension:L850mm x W630mm / imperial sizes: L33 7/16″ x W24 13/16″
weight: when dry approx 25kg

We decided to replicate a wooden tub that was the standard in every Japanese household before WWII.

It is compact and reasonably priced.

High quality Japanese handicraft, solid and durable. We use 100% Japanese native sawara wood. The straps are stainless steel.

Options such as overflow cut are available (about 6,000 JPY extra)
(see an example here: https://bartokdesign.com/91-references/tub_installed_in_france.php )

Here below are the details:
L850mm x W630mm H740mm (external dimensions) – 630mm(deep)

Japanese Knotless Sawara “Oke” bathtub with covers:
(check dimensions/details on the drawing here:

Delivery schedule:
The tub will be ready in our warehouse 8 weeks after order date.
Shipping by Fedex takes about 1-2 weeks.
We will try to speedup manufacture and shipping, please let me know if you are in a hurry.

1b) L850mm x W630mm : 269,000. JPY
2) Packaging (reinforced cardboard box): 17,000. JPY
3) Paypal commission: 7,000. JPY
4) Pick up and delivery to Tokyo port or Narita air port: 5,000 JPY
5) Shipping: by Fedex. Please select your country/area from the options above. (prices in the drop down include product+packaging+shipping)

Contact us if you prefer to pay by bank transfer.

Also, if you prefer to make arrangements for the shipping yourself, please do not use this shopping cart but contact us by email for all the payment/shipping options at japan@bartokdesigncom
(Note that if you use ocean freight, a plywood crate will become necessary ->
2′) Packaging (plywood box): 28,000. JPY)

Note that for the Kado-maru the traditional detail to fasten and close the wire bands is to punch the edge into the wood.

(see attached photos) It may look a little rough but it is very functional and safe.  The tub is usually placed with the face with the “wire knot” facing the wall so it is not visible.
We can place this detail on any face, please let us know if you have a preference.


Additional information

Shipping options

kadomaru hottub 850×630 Korea,Taiwan ¥481,000 JPY, kadomaru hottub 850×630 Hong Kong, Macau,China ¥460,000 JPY, kadomaru hottub 850×630 Southeast Asia ¥505,000 JPY, kadomaru hottub 850×630 Oceania ¥539,000 JPY, kadomaru hottub 850×630 USA&Canada ¥579,000 JPY, kadomaru hottub 850×630 EU ¥546,000 JPY


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