“I love my bath, iacopo!”

“I love my bath, iacopo!”

This was the title of a very kind whatsapp message from a customer.
We live for these few but precious dew drops!!
But the real treat was coming in the following messages:
Two wonderful photos that I post here and a heart-warming message (see down at the bottom)
But first, let me here briefly comment on the photos:
1) the ofuro is installed with an angle (not parallel to the walls).
2) the reason for this is not a whimsy design concept: see the second photo!
3) yes! the ofuro has this direction so you can see outside the window
4) but the real “coup de genie” is that the ofuro is not fixed! You can move and rotate it.
You can look out of the window when it is sunny and turn to the natural white wall for a relaxing meditation when it`s raining outside (or just to the opposite…\(^o^)/)

Basically, there is a deck under the ofuro that hides a waterproof pan with floor trap. so the drain socket of the tub can be made to discharge the water anywhere as long as it is on the duckboard.
Isn`t it a revolutionary idea?

Client endorsement:
‘An ofuro bath is a major investment but rest easy, you have come to the right place. My Bartok experience proved first-class throughout, combining outstanding craftsmanship with impeccable service – all from the other side of the world! A rare thing in this day and age and a tonic for the soul.

But don’t just take my word for it. Speak to Iacopo and his team to see for yourself.
Go on, take the plunge! Invest in a beautiful, wooden work-of-art. You will never regret it.’

I. from France

All best wishes