bank fees

Dear Mr. Torrini,
The invoice is well received.
The bank transfer fee was the only aspect we weren’t accustomed with. I suppose that is the cost of receiving a wire from the US?
Please clarify.

About the wire transfer fee: all our prices are net so we are asking the clients to bear the bank transfer fees.

Anyway, most people do not have experience with international wires and are not able to instruct their emitting bank to use the conditions: “PAY IN FULL”.

As a result, we receive the amount curtailed.

For us any method that enables us to receive the net amount is fine.

– if you use a bank account within Japan please reduce the amount by 6500 JPY

– if you instruct your bank to “PAY IN FULL” please reduce the amount by 6500 JPY

– if you pay with all bank transfer fees born by the receiver please leave the 6500 JPY in.

Thank you and Best regards,