meeting friends in NY

Last December 11-15 I was in NY and as I explained my plans in the last newsletter, I received many replies from 4 past and present clients.
I experimented this way of traveling to other countries last year and it is extremely rewarding!
I go abroad and you meet people with whom you corresponded, friends, people who share my path and interests.
I will never forget in summer 2018 when a Parisian architect who used Bartok design ofuros for 3 projects come to meet me in Dubai.
Or shortly after when a Japanese lover and former Tokyo resident hosted me in her house in Phoenix with a huge cactus in the garden.
Feeling at home and meeting friends everywhere you go is probably one of the sweetest experiences in life!

This visit to NY was definitely on par. First I meet an old client and could see my ofuros installed in one of the most amazing dream houses you can imagine. Find some details here:

Then I visited a construction site on Central park West and hugged the owner with whom I have been in contact for few months.
The view from the living (and from the glazed bathroom and bedroom) is absolutely breathtaking!

Then I visited a huge loft in Greenwich Village. Also here 2 hinoki bathtubs and a very open layout.

The adventure continues with the visit to an aroma shop who is selling my original hinoki essential oil.
Enfleurage Inc. –  237 W 13th St, New York (near 14th station @ 8th Ave)

Lovely space, lovely smells, lovely people!!
Tantalized by the fast pitched New York schedule, I forgot to take a photo with the people in the shop (the owner was traveling to Italy – I knew it). This is the biggest regret of the trip – at the same time a perfect excuse to come back again soon!

Last, I visited the legendary restaurant “Nippon” on E52nd Ave.
You can read here the short report and of course if you haven`t been yet, do visit Nippon! Not only japanese food but a shining example of hospitality and japanese sensibility.

Merry Christmas to all and happy travels wherever life is taking you☆彡