spherical drain plug!

Yes, by popular demand we can now supply a spherical drain plug!
It is cool and can plug the drain socket in direction.
It will fit your 40A type drain fitting.
(the diameter of the rubber plug is 44mm)


The ball is in durable chemical rubber: after many years it may shrink slightly but will not ovalize.
The chain and ring are in stainless steel.
(as of 3.1.2014 there was a price increase from the maker.)

The price is:
9,000 JPY as an option for a new tub

or, in case you want to purchase the plug only, refer to the prices below and contact us by email.

(prices inclusive of packaging, EMS shipping charges, and PayPal transfer fee – updated as of June 5th,2023)
Asia: 11,900 JPY
Europe, Canada, Oceania: 13,400. JPY
USA: 14,400. JPY
South America, Africa: 14,100. JPY