happy new year!

From Japan, there are high chances that I am preceding you in the new year…
I hope that 2016 will be prosperous and serene for you and your family!

am starting the year with a clear objective and am very energized because we have the chance to save a japanese old traditional building.

The owner of the tea-house near Enoshima approved my plan but we need to act quickly.
I plan to appoint the entity which will adopt the building during the first week of january.

The deadline is 1/7 so please contact me promptly if interested.

The total cost of the demolition and reconstruction is estimated in about 35 million yen (300,000 USD) + reimbursable expenses.

Here below is the entry with the details if you missed it.


What excites me is that I feel that this project may become the first step to rebuild a new sensibility around traditional handicrafts and heritage buildings in japan (like a boomerang effect).
I think we can leverage this first example to produce a larger impact and a positive change in the common sense of japanese real estate and the dominating scrap and build practices.
This may sound as a dream but sometimes dreams come true.
And if there is a time to … go for your dreams is today!
We leave the old year for a shiny, immaculate 2016 and I hope I will be able to share with you the path, the emotions and the successes of a wonderful year!

All the Best!

iacopo torrini