day-bed completed!

Here is the leather mattress and cushion completed. As you can see two full cow hides have been used for the left/right side without joints.
The frame is also complete and the graphic keyaki wood grain is providing the perfect accent for a very simple and classic design.

click below to see the other 6 photos with details of the frame and mat.
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Photo of the leather finished mattress.
the mattress will sit on the frame slats. In a couple of days I will provide a picture of the assembled product.

The mattress is made of 3 layers: hard urethane chip mat + low repulsion mat + non-woven wadding.
The slats are made in hinoki to take advantage of its elasticity and insect repellent qualities.

Here is a photo of the frame from below. The slanted profile looks sharp and well balanced. I am really looking forward to trying it out!