be hot in any weather!

Message from the client:

Dear Iacopo,

We are loving the tub! It fits perfectly in our shower and is just the right size for moving out to the patio.Ill send more pictures.

J. from Canada

Dear J.
The lacelike snowy landscape and the warmth of the wood create a perfect harmony.
Even your dog matches the color coordination… amazing!
This picture deserves the cover of a magazine!!
If you send me more photos showing the tub, may I publish them on our testimonials page?
Thank you//


PS: I will publish more photos as soon as they send more to me.
I assume they followed my suggestion to move the ofuro outdoors (as it is not connected to the drain anyway)

When I mentioned this option, I had in mind to move the tub outdoors during the warm season, anyway I must admit that taking a bath while it is snowing and then being able to store it back safely indoors is definitely one of the best insights I ever received from the Bartok design`s Japan-lovers community!!!