hinoki shower floor gratings!

Duckboards Master BR 1“Hi!
The duckboards arrived and are gorgeous!   Plus, they smell delicious!   See some iPad pics below.  
We wondered what the little black pads are for.  Also, the 4 extra pieces of wood?
Thanks again!”

J.A. from Manhattan

(Answer: the rubber pads and lumber spacers as needed to adjust to the gradient of the shower pan and to make them level.  Please use as necessary!)

We received this kind update (with pictures!) from a NY client for whom we supplied 2 hinoki duckboards for shower booths.

Size and detailing fine-tuning was done thru their very professional architecture office. Ah~ people complain about NY but working with such wonderful and positive people reminds me of the 2 marvelous years I spent in NY between 1996 and 1998.

Duckboards Guest BR  Duckboards Master BR 2