usage of the tub-cover

Dear Iacopo,
After a long wait we could finally install the Ofuro yesterday and also tested it immediately ; )

We are very happy with the result!

I need you help on a couple of issues:

  • When do we close the covers? Immediately after draining the water or should we let the inside of the ofuro dry a little before doing so?
  • I have put the hygrometer inside the Ofuro. What is the best moisture range?
  • How do we keep the moisture range? Do we put a bucket inside? What is the “normal way to do so?

Thanks a lot for your help. When I get to it, I will send you a couple of pictures.

Have a good week,


Dear M.

This is great news!!I hope you enjoy it!
About the cover, let me share some tips about normal usage in Japan (anyway you are free to think about your original usage !)

1) in case of extended families, the cover is placed after one family member is done with the bath (in between baths, to keep the water in temperature)

2) alternatively, for saving energy, the cover is placed on the full tub for 24 hours to the next day the water can be reheated (or a small amount of very hot water can be added)

3) if you drain the water and refill the next day, you do not need to use the cover.

4) you can use the cover while you are away for an extended period. Place a basinette with some water inside into the tub and cover so that the humidity can be trapped inside.

5) If you want to use the cover to prevent dust etc. to enter inside overnight, I recommend to let the tub dry for 30 minutes.

Also, note that the hygrometer should be attached on the wall or kept somewhere in the bathroom.The relation between a wooden bathtub and humidity is not simple arithmetics, but keeping an eye on the relative humidity from time to time helps entering in the mindset that dry air (below 50% relative humidity) created by heating equipment and air conditioners may damage the tub overtime.
Let me know if it make sense!


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iacopo torrini