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My builder also enquired if it would be possible to get something like a VAT registration statement in respect of Bartok Design in Japan, if such a thing exists in Japan (it can be in japanese, I can get it translated locally). Or is this information going to be contained on the invoice? This is becase – I assume – since the tub was produced for export, there would have been no VAT or equivalent sales tax chargeable in Japan, but it will fall to be paid by me once I take the house with the tub in it from the builder. The builder would like some sort of documentation to support this.

I understand what you are saying (a stamp stating that the shipper is VAT exempt is required for exports originating in Italy), anyway the japanese customs do not require it.
The shipping is DDU terms (Delivered Duty Unpaid) which already implies that VAT is payable by the coinsignee. On nearly one hundred of shippings we were never required to provide this declaration so to be honest I am not sure how to make it.
Of course I can add a “VAT unpaid in country of origin for exported products” declaration and send you the amended invoice. Is it enough? Do you have any specific requirement according to the format of this declaration?
UPDATE: 2009.05.02
Needless to say that for business users, VAT is paid at the customs ad then refunded or in some cases it is voided when you provide your company information (eg. Belgium). This makes a huge difference for countries with a high VAT (Scandinavian Counties, Belgium, UK and Italy)