filtering system for hinoki tub

how are the modern Japanese recirculating water through a heater?
Or are they mainly designed for one session of hot water?

Thank you for your interest in our japanese bathtubs.

The japanese tub is a very simple, low tech, minimalist box made out of wood. For this reason it is also very flexible and can adapt to different uses.

In our experience, most of the private clients drain it after use. Anyway one session can be extended for a whole day with the use of tub covers and by adding hot water at need.

Most of the business users add on site recirculating/filtering systems in line with a heater. We do not supply this systems ourselves for the following reasons:
1) US or european makers of pumps/cartridge filters/ozone systems etc. are more advanced than products available in japan
2) Considerations about maintenance and spare parts
3) It is very easy to open a hole in solid wood with the pitch and diameter matching your equipment.

I hope I answered your question. Our tubs are custom made to fit the particular needs/sizes of each site and most of the solutions are evaluated case by case.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question or problem.

Please find below a scheme kindly participated by a client. (Wabi Sabi Culture – Pescara – Italy)

Ofuro Filtering System at Wabi Sabi Center.jpg