ofuro in Paris weather

Dear Iacopo,
Thank you for your email. We were living in Tokyo for six years. After living in different countries, now we are back to Paris.
It is our dream to have an ofuro in our bathroom like in the onsen.
I have  some questions for you:

1. How do I measure the bath, which size I have to choose? My husband is 185cm tall. I need a bath only for one person comfortably.
2. You said that I need a hygrometer to measure humidity, where can I find that?. My bathroom doesn’t have a window direct because is inside our bedroom. Do you think is possible?
3. How long will this ofuro last?

Please note:
The hygrometer: we will send you one together with the ofuro free of charge.

No problem if you have the ofuro in your bedroom ensuite.

Just be aware that air conditioning/heating will affect the tub mode and may dehydrate the wood. To prevent it you should use the tub regularly (2-3 times a week) and/or protect it with an airtight cover and place a bucket full of water inside so it can keep the air moist inside the ofuro.

About the longevity of the ofuro: please refer to our FAQ.


Please let me know if you have other question/problem.