(almost) invisible dowels

I saw in a picture on your site that there is no joint shown, but in your details information page the only two options shown are: round joint or copper plates is that something I have to custom request?

Of course in the case of the standard round dowels, we use the same wood of the ofuro but depending on the angle, they may look more evident.
Round dowels are the standard detail and there is no additional cost.

In case you prefer to show as little as possible the joints, we can also make square dowels (option):
a) additional cost of square dowels: @15,000/face x 2= 30,000. JPY    

In this case, the wood grain and inlay edges are in the same direction so it is less evident (see enclosed photos)

for a complete reference, let me also include here the cost in case of using the copper plates:
b) additional cost of copper plate: @10,000/face x 2= 20,000. JPY :