tub construction details: sealant

I’ve been really interested in your wooden soaker tubs. I do
have questions about the tub that would help to re ensure the tub wont
leak. If all is answered, I would love to get one!!
1. what kind of joints are used for the wall panels and kind of glue. it
looks like there are many panels glued up to make the height of the walls..
2. what kind of joint is used to connect the floor with walls….
If you can anwser these question with any drawings would be great…

Thank you for your interest in our japanese soaking tubs.
Please find enclosed some pictures of our standard details. Click on the thumbnails for an enlarged view.

planks-1.jpg planks2.jpg

we laminate the wood using wood dowels and epoxy resin (+
curing agent). There are no metal parts.
Adjoining planks are cut together so the cutting angle matches perfectly.

planks3.jpg planks4.jpg

the corner joint is realized with tongue and groove + epoxy resin.
long stainless screws are used to provide extra sturdiness.

IMGP2103.jpg IMGP2430.jpg

Honestly, our tubs do not leak. If you use it regularly (everyday or every other day) your tub will work perfectly without any maintenance.
The only thing you should pay attention to is the fact that wood tubs are vulnerable to dryness. If you leave the tub unused for long periods it may crack. It is difficult to determine exactly at which point critical conditions are reached. It depends on air temperature/humidity, ventilation, heating equipment etc.
In any case, when you leave the tub unused for a week or more (let`s say 4 days or more as a doublesafe), leave 10cm of water inside and you won`t have any problem.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any question.