about aggregated shipping

I have been waiting for several years now to decide whether to completely renovate our ensuite bathroom, or if it’s not worth it because we are considering selling our house and moving. When I saw the dimensions of this tub I realised there was no need to wait, it will fit in the existing bathroom, and if we move we can take it with us.

With regard to shipping, I am not in a hurry, therefore I would be happy to wait until you have several customers in Australia, or for whatever method you recommend as the most cost effective.

Dear A.
I am glad you understood the spirit of the japanese wooden tubs. Yes! they are modular, light weight and portable. Of course you can move it to your next house or you can even enjoy baths on the terrace or out in the garden in the good season just by lifting it up and taking it outside!

About the aggregated shipping, unfortunately it is very difficult to match the schedule with another client in your area.
It sometimes happens that some friends decide to purchase products from us together.
In this case we can make a unique shipment and the local forwarder can deliver them separately as needed.

But for air freight shipping (which is the most convenient option for 1 or 2 tubs) the cost is proportional to the volume, so the shipping rate does not vary so much depending on if you are shipping the tubs together or not.

In any case, please wait few days for our all inclusive quotation and then we can start from there to decide how to proceed.