A friend worrying about the plumbing

Everyone asks me how much it would cost total – tub and pluming/set-up work. California is huge (size of Japan), but if the plumber who did the work for your tub is in my area, I could contact them and get a rough estimate. So when someone calls me after seeing the webpage, I could tell how much it would cost for everything. I don’t think there are many people who would just buy a tub…
Thank you for your help. The main point is that a wooden tub does not need plumbing.
The best way is that the builder makes a floor waterproofing sloping towards a floor drain.
Then the ofuro is just left on the floor so that water would drain onto the floor and towards the floor drain!
About the hot water tap is also very simple: it is wall mounted as most of acrylic and hollow bathtubs: it is not attached to the tub itself so the only thing the installer has to worry about is to install the tap high enough.

Again, the tub is like a large bassinet receiving water from the wall and discharging onto the floor. It is that simple!