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Handmade ofuro bathtubs

At Bartok design, we are bath lovers just like you! We supply custom-made Japanese soaking tubs (ofuro) to the world. 
Our tubs are crafted from indigenous Japanese woods such as hinoki, which our craftsmen personally select for each handbuilt bathtub. 
Our relationship with these craftsmen goes back decades.  We are confident that we can build the bathtub of your dreams for your commercial project or your home bathroom.
You’ll find a lot of resources and information on our website.
Feel free to email/whatsapp us if you have any questions or when you are ready to place your order. Iacopo Torrini Company President, Bartok design

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How ofuros are made

You can find more explainatory videos/slideshows at this link:

Made to Order

All our ofuros are custommade (after we receive an order). We do not carry stock for three reasons:
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We are proud to supply genuine Japanese ofuro for commercial projects such as hotels, wellness centers, spas etc. Our founder is a licenced architect who speaks Italian, English and Japanese. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your client is dreaming of a Japanese onsen in their commercial establishment.
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Happy Customers

These are the pictures and comments kindly shared by our happy customers! Most of these baths were made for home-use in private residences. We appreciate our customers sharing these photos of their wonderful homes, kids and pets!
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Outlet Tubs

From time to time we may have some tubs readymade and ready to ship for the following reasons:
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Shipment schedule

If you can match the period/destination chances are that we can provide a discounted shipping rate for both parties


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