hana yori dango sr – S5 outlet tub – SOLD OUT!

(sorry, sold out…)

This is the first outlet tub in 15 months… sorry for the long wait !! m(_ _)m
(But note that we have 2 outlet tubs at the same time! check also https://bartokdesign.com/8-outlet-tubs/hana-dango-outlet-tub-junior.php )

“Hana yori dango” is an idiomatic phrase meaning “it is better to have a dumpling than a flower”.
This saying expresses the practical mentality of the Japanese that appreciates concrete features over pure aesthetics and external appearance.

In a way, this overlaps partially with the “wabi sabi aesthetics” – but this is a story for another occasion.

Well, in this case, the naming fits the concept of a functionally perfect tub that is 20% cheaper than normal just because of a minor esthetic defect.
The material is asnaro (hiba) wood.

The wood has a pattern: check thoroughly the enclosed photos. It is not like erable (because it is the trunk and not the roots of the tree), anyway to understand the look, you can refer to this photo of “bird`s eye” veneer.

The tub is brand new but the material used is not the spotless AB grade we normally use: therefore it does not look as regular as the pattern of our quarter-sawn regular ofuros.

There is no problem whatsoever with quality, durability etc. It is just a “wabi-sabi” look.
And this is the only reason behind the 20% discount. (Note also that because of the smoothly planned surfaces, the color difference is more evident in the photos than it is in reality)

For specs and sizes, check the details below but let me anticipate that is one of the most popular sizes for a compact ofuro (S5)!


Sizes: <S5> L1300mm x W750mm x H630mm (external dimensions) 550mm(depth)
knotless natural Asnaro wood bathtub.
Details: Wooden dowels at joints / bottom plank edge finished with natural oil.
Check also the drawing below:


1) B grade tub (quater sawn)  : 466,000. JPY
2) Packaging: 150x95x83cm plywood box: 41,000. JPY
3) transportation: to be quoted (please let us know your exact address: we will provide a quotation before you purchase the tub)  

Do not hesitate to contact me by email for any questions/problems at japan@bartokdesign.com \(^o^)/