the American dream house with a Japanese twist

see photo here:×1536.jpg

(photo credits: R. Brad Knipstein @rbradleyphoto )

Message from the client:

Hi, Everyone at Bartok!
We just wanted to send a thank you for our lovely ofuro. 
We think it works great in our newly remodeled home and we love it!

Our architectural firm just posted professionally taken photos of our house on their web site, and it includes a photo of our wet room with the ofuro, as well as a mention of Bartok Design in the Info page. ODS Architecture: Residential – Diablo Hills

We just wanted to send you the link to show you how wonderfully it turned out. 

Thank you!




Dear C.

Thank you for the kind surprise and zillions of congratulations for your house!
It is really like “the American dream” (with a Japanese twist…!)

Can I publish it on our HP of course with the references to your architect`s homepage?

We have many upscale clients and I am sure that many are looking for an architect that can achieve this result.

Please let me know.