hinoki kumiko beds!

It finally happened!
After relaxing in a hinoki bath, now you can relax for the rest of the night in a hinoki bed! ☆彡

Another fruit of the collaboration with Murayama-sensei: here is … the kumiko bed!

For the time being, we have 2 sizes available (queen and single)

Both are available in the following versions:
1) as a full bed including frame (no mattress)
2) bed head only (the type commonly used in hotels)

The bed can be lit from behind (but no electrical fixtures are included from our side)

Price list: (product+packaging / shipping fee to be calculated separately)

king size (W=180cm) – head and frame: 1,550,000 JPY
queen size (W=160cm) – head and frame: 1,200,000 JPY
single size (W=97cm) – head and frame: 650,000 JPY
※ slats to support the mattress are also included


king size (W=180cm) – head only (for hotels): 920,000 JPY
queen size (W=160cm) – head only (for hotels): 720,000 JPY
single size (W=97cm) – head only (for hotels): 400,000 JPY

NOTE1: semidouble, double, and any other customs sizes are also available upon request \(^o^)/
NOTE2: height of feet=300mm. Assumed height of mattress= 200mm. If you use a thicker mattress, we can raise the design portion.

Lead time: 45 days for production + shipping.

Choose the patterns from below:

Let me know of any questions!