earthquake in Osaka

For all of you who heard the news of the earthquake in Osaka and kindly thought of us: WE ARE OK.
I also received several messages thru Facebook and Whatsapp: thank you for your caring!

Osaka was the most shaken with a magnitudo of 6. Kobe experienced a magnitudo 4 to 5, according to the area.
The awaji fault (which caused some 4000 casualties in 1995) seems not to be affected this time.

Here are some of the photos that friends from Osaka circulated.







Actually there were no major accidents except for a garden wall which collapsed killing one elementary school student.
A part for this very sad note and for the hours spent inside trains and in the traffic jam for most it was an experience to be laughed off…
But… we should remember that in the recent Kumamoto earthquake and Tohoku region earthquake the main shake only come 48 after a medium strenght shake, so we should keep our eyes open.
At least for the next 48 hours…

Let`s knock on wood (best if honoki…)