Timeless standard – outlet tub – SOLD OUT

(sorry, sold out)

Here we are dazzled by new emperor-era names, displaced by an uncommonly cold and rainy springtime and preparing for an extra long (but already fully booked) Golden Week holiday break.
In these periods I recommend to lay back and wait for the confusion to clear.
Maybe you can have a cup of hoji-tea and listen to some old time classics like Frank Sinatra or Billie Holiday.
Timeless standards can reassure us that also this storm will pass, after all, and every winter (no matter how long or cold) always evolves into a springtime…

But if you try all of the above and the melancholy is still there, we have another “timeless standard” to propose as an infallible antidote to a bad day: a hot ofuro bath!

If you do not have one yet, look at this outlet ofuro tub.
Its outstanding feature is … to be not outstanding: it is a “timeless standard”.
Good for 2 people, in hinoki wood (not asnaro) and with a removable internal seat (already included in the price).
This is probably in the strike zone of 90% of the people who are looking for an ofuro.
2 people / hinoki / internal seat.
The only non standard part of this ofuro is the price: 650,000 JPY !!

I asked Ikeda-san if there was no mistake: he gave me a look worth 1000 words (basically the description of the present times I made here above) and said: “our clients are looking for a tub like this”.

So I will not indulge any longer in the chat and come to the hard data:

Sizes: L1500mm x W800mm x H620mm (external dimensions)

Material: knotless natural Hinoki (quarter sawn)

Options: internal seat

Details: Wooden dowels at joints / copper apron

Drawing: Timeless standard – drawing

1) AB grade tub (quatersawn) : 650,000. JPY
2) Packaging: 170x100x82cm plywood box: 44,000. JPY
3) transportation: to be quoted (please let us know your exact address: we will provide a quotation before you purchase the tub)

Please contact me by email for any question/problem at japan@bartokdesign.com