Finally hugging with Santiago!

we had many lovely stories and adventures with out customers and friends, but the one I am about to share reaches into the legendary.

first of all the subject: Santiago, Colombian architect operating in Los Angeles and star in the shooting of the special on Bartok design that was aired by NHK few years ago.

We have been in touch since 2009 (for some 15 years!), done 3 projects together, shared information and dreams… and now we finally meet in Tokyo!

Santiago is on a solo trip towards the traditional town of Arimatsu near Nagoya and he was so kind to give me a ring.

First, we headed to our workshop in Chiba and then to meet our top batter craftsman, the shy but warm-hearted Wada San.

The meeting was crowned by a glorious sushi dinner at the shop run by a grumpy as much as sweet couple.

Now that we could connect also in the real world I am sure many more adventures are waiting for us!