lights and shadows in London

Message from the client:

Dear Iacopo,
Also, I’m pleased to share a first photo of the completed bath room with you. It’s taken on my iPhone only so not the best quality, but it should give you an idea of what I designed around it in yellow cedar slats which match the ofuro perfectly 🙂

Hope it finds you well x

Well… this photo is already incredibly beautiful and communicative!
I cannot imagine a better one!

When I opened the email, at first I thought that by mistake I downloaded a photo from the internet… (;^_^A
I did not imagine that our traditional Japanese bathtub was transmuted in such a cutting-edge zen masterpiece!

I think this image is the quintessential vertical slit bathroom interior that all minimalist architecture lovers are dreaming of. I think that experiencing this space in person, with the five senses, must be even more powerful.

The edges of the room are sharp but immaterial at the same time, traced by shadows that are originated by the contrast with the bright cedar slats that form walls, floor, and ceiling.
I also love the well-balanced dialogue between symmetries and asymmetries.