using the internal seat

Hi, I have been in touch before about an outlet tub.
I am still hoping to purchase a tub from you and have been looking at the Asnaro wood in a 1200 X 750x 660. I am about 5foot 6inches tall and feel it would be a good a size for me to sit in.
I see on the pricing chart that there is a seat price (please let me know if I am reading that correctly).
Would my shoulders still be submerged if I used the seat? Is there a dimension for the seat?
Any advice you can give me to help get the right tub for me would be appreciated.
Thank you.

It`s nice to hear back from you !!
Yes, on the pricelist we are also including the optional cost if you want an internal seat.
You would not be able to get the water to your shoulders while you seat on it.

Usually people alternate phases of full soaking (sitting in the side without a seat) to refreshing phases of “half-body bath” while sitting on the seat.
Note that in japan traditionally ofuros do not have an internal seat while it is common to find it in very large communal baths in hot springs.
If you install a seat in a 1200mm ofuro it will feel a little small but of course, you can still slip your feet under the seat and use the full length.
Also, we can make the seat to be removable but be aware that in this case, quite blatant wooden rail will stay. Please browse the link below for some examples:

The seat is usually 300mm deep, you can choose the height.


To determine the size of the ofuro, we recommend to our customers to create a mockup (using cardboard boxes, or maybe the space between the back of the sofa and a wall etc.) to simulate the space inside the ofuro and imagine sitting in it.

I suggest also making the calculation of the amount of liter of hot water required to fill it up and consult with your plumber to verify the compatibility with your HW system.

Please let me know of any other questions or problems!