outdoor tub with re-heating function

Hi Iacopo,
“Hello, I am looking for a 2 person outdoor hot tub, that can stay filled without a need to empty it after each use. Is it something you can do? Thank you!”

We can provide the tub but NOT the hot water heater.

We would not be able to supply spare parts/maintenance so you will have all the advantages (price, service, support) to use a local provider.

To reheat the water you have 3 options:
a) install a SPA recirculation system with post-water-heater (gas or heat pump).
b) try to ask RINNAI (https://www.rinnai.us/ ) if they can provide a hot water heater with a built-in recirculation system.
c) or you can drain some water and add 60-70 degrees hot water to restore the optimal temperature.

Please let me know of any other questions/problem

A common way to proceed is that you let me know the sizes/image of the ofuro you are looking for so we can provide a quotation/drawing and we can start from there for modifications/alternative quotations as necessary.

Also, you can find a price list for common sizes on the page below:


-> please check 1), the first document in the list.


If you let me know your exact address I can prepare a quotation for the shipping charges.

About the sizes: note that we do not keep stocks so every item is made after order.

For this reason, we can customize the sizes for your needs without any surcharge (of course larger tubs will be more expensive in proportion)

We are looking forward to working with you and remain at your disposal for any question/problem.