replacement of damaged tub

Hi — We’ve already bought a bucket and stool from you to go with a tub we had made here out of what the guy who made it called “American hinoki-type cedar” (it smells a little bit like hinoki — we lived in Japan for a few years so I remember what it smells like). I have a question: the tub went for a full year without water in it and the wood is now very cracked. Is it possible for cracked wood to close back up? If not, we will probably order a tub from you; they look beautiful. If we do, is it possible to put the hole for the drain in the center of the tub? That is where it was on the last one and where the drain is centered in the place for the tub in our bathroom. I guess even if we go with a standard S3 size, having the drain in the middle would still make it a custom tub?

Thank you for your interest in our japanese bahtubs!

About your existing tub, thank you for the pictures.
The wood of the tub is very dry. Also, because the wood is plank cut and not
quarter-sawn, the deformation is very severe…
On the other hand, if you re-hydrate, chances are it will be usable again.

1) Fill the gaps with clear silicon in such a way that the tub does not
leak anymore. Let dry for 1 day.

2) Fill the tub with water and let it full for 2 days.

3) empty the tub. Probably the wood will have expanded and the silicon
will have squeezed out from the cracks. Cut it flush with a cutter.

The tub should be OK and not be too bad aesthetically also.
If this does not work or does not satisfy you, we will be glad to assist
you for a new tub.

If you decide to replace it, of course we can match the center drain. Actually we can also match the tub sizes if necessary.
Basically all our tubs are made to order so there is no difference in price between standard sizes and custom sizes.
We have a standard size pricelist for pure reference.