outlet tubs

Are your outlet tubs new or second hand?

Our outlet tubs are brand new, spotless tubs that were wrapped in poliethilene sheet from the very day they were completed.

An outlet tub is about 20% cheaper of a custom order tub with the same size/material.
This does not mean in any way that those tubs are faulty or old.

Most of our outlet tubs originate from 2 cases:

1) The tub was custom ordered and the client either canceled the order or asked for a size/shape modification that required a new start.

2) The tub is made optimizing some material we have in stock, in most cases left over from a larger job. We can define the sizes of the tub based on the length of the material we have – minimizing the loss – as opposed as cutting longer planks as we have to do for a custom order tub.
Secondly, we produce sizes easy to build, in most cases with a width around 75cm to minimize the necessity of a top frame border.
Lastly, we can work on a free schedule, between one job and the other.

This are the only reasons our outlet tubs are affordable and the core concept of our double-smile system: you are happy, we are happy too …!